Beeple Rakes in $69 Million On An NFT – WTF?


Things are really heating up with advances in technology, especially the plethora of ideas spawned with blockchain. And because of this, a notable artsy fellow who goes by the name of Beeple just sold an NFT – Non-Fungible Token digital artwork at a Christie’s auction for US$69.3 million. Blockchain is essentially a super-secure database method. …

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Our Top Single-Artist Museums That Are Bucket-List Worthy


Although devoted to just one artist, these famous single-artist museums still show the works from other artists they carry in their permanent collection, as well as exhibiting rotating shows. These select museums are more like the ultimate shoutout to an artist’s talent and the impact they had on the art world. Some of these single-artist …

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Celebrity Art Collections – They’ve Got The Eye For Art


Everyone has a hobby of some sort and these celebrity art collections are thought-provoking, fantastical and expensive. When money’s no object, surrounding yourself with your own art collection can be relaxing as well as letting your imagination soar. Even make you forget about that troublesome co-star on the set. Leonardo DiCaprio We’ll start with the …

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