Our Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers To Kick Back In

Golden Goose sneakers

Perusing through the world of the most expensive sneakers in the world can be daunting since many have a provenance attached, making them a pedigree with collectors status. These sell for crazy numbers on the resale market and at auction. Arguably, Nike would fill up almost any list thanks to their Air Jordan line. Scribble …

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Top 5 Countries For Finding Happiness – 2021 Report

happy couple with bike living in one of the top countries for finding happiness

How exactly does one rank countries for finding happiness? At face value, that certainly seems subjective but there is a method behind this story. We already know people would rather have joyful experiences over owning things when it comes to happiness, but there’s much more to this. How do we measure happiness? In April 2012, …

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Beeple Rakes in $69 Million On An NFT – WTF?


Things are really heating up with advances in technology, especially the plethora of ideas spawned with blockchain. And because of this, a notable artsy fellow who goes by the name of Beeple just sold an NFT – Non-Fungible Token digital artwork at a Christie’s auction for US$69.3 million. Blockchain is essentially a super-secure database method. …

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Inspiring, Stylish E-Bikes That Will Turn Heads-Our Top 5

Harley-Davidson stylish ebike

Stylish e-bikes are the way to go if you’re looking for a pedal-assist while cruising around and getting out for some fresh air. Seriously, Who are we kidding here? Does anyone really get an electric bicycle if they plan on having a heart-pounding workout and sweating like crazy? Our money’s betting on no. Let’s step …

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5 Celebrities Who Own Bitcoin-Crypto Wealth On Steroids

various types of cryptocurrency

Let’s face it, with all the social media followers that A-listers have, they set the trends by their mere words, and when the talk of the town is about celebrities who own bitcoin, ears perk up. Cryptocurrency comes in different flavors, but Bitcoin is the most recognizable name with a very high value. Other popular …

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Our Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Live A Jetsetty Lifestyle

virtual reality goggles

We want to cover the broad spectrum of living the Jetsetty lifestyle, and these way cool gadgets cover everything from better health to addressing that spontaneous craving for ice cream. Being stuck indoors you still have lots of options for new experiences. Whether you’re escaping to faraway places through virtual reality or cooking up a …

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Top 5 Luxury Home Accessories That Include A Robot Watchdog


Luxury home accessories and decor have really lept forward with technology and the wow factor, as we wrote about on our top indoor garden products. Now we’ll check out things that might not sustain your body, but will do wonders to help with your quest to find the coolest things on the planet for your …

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