Our Mesmerizing 5 Top Luxury Car Interiors


If you think the top luxury car interiors in the world lean toward excess, we’d say damn right it does, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hopefully, you feel the same as you settle into the lap of luxury on these 5 luscious car interiors. As the luxury auto market continues to grow, …

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Shoe of The Month: Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boot – Trouble Travels In Pairs


The Ultra Mini Platform Boot from UGG has been taking the internet by storm, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Kylie Jenner spotted wearing them. Next time you’re out on the town doing some celebrity spotting, take note of the shoes, we bet they are some version of the Ugg brand. And …

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Our Top 5 Luxury Movie Theaters in Los Angeles


It’s no surprise you’ll find some of the world’s top luxury movie theaters in Los Angeles. After all, this is where we churn out so many of our fave blockbusters. Plus, celebs grace these luxury theaters at their opening premiers – and they demand comfort with their cocktails. So do we. Whether you’re looking for …

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Our Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers To Kick Back In

Golden Goose sneakers

Perusing through the world of the most expensive sneakers in the world can be daunting since many have a provenance attached, making them a pedigree with collectors status. These sell for crazy numbers on the resale market and at auction. Arguably, Nike would fill up almost any list thanks to their Air Jordan line. Scribble …

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2022 World Happiness Report: Once Again, Finland Gets It


Each year around March, the new World Happiness Report comes out with its rankings among the top countries for overall happiness. The Gallup World Poll remains the principal source of data using national happiness rankings on a three-year average, thereby increasing the sample size to provide more precise estimates. Data was collected from146 countries and …

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Our Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands In The World


For those faithful followers of Haute horology, these top 5 luxury watch brands have captured our imaginations with their time-telling stories, all told through masterfully crafted timepieces. These luxury watch brands redefine craftsmanship – forging form, fashion, and function into artistic poetry. Of course, they have the added value of keeping time. In fact, the …

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Our Top 5 Influencers Who Blazed Some Awesome Trails


It boggles the mind how some of the world’s top influencers can have hundreds of thousands of followers (if not millions) on social media just by looking good on the edge of a cliff. But that’s how we roll in today’s world. We’re not saying that some of these modern-day legends don’t have a good …

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Top 5 Countries For Finding Happiness – 2021 Report

happy couple with bike living in one of the top countries for finding happiness

How exactly does one rank countries for finding happiness? At face value, that certainly seems subjective but there is a method behind this story. We already know people would rather have joyful experiences over owning things when it comes to happiness, but there’s much more to this. How do we measure happiness? In April 2012, …

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