Oprah Winfrey’s Top 5 Charities – Celeb Giver Extraordinaire

Oprah Winfrey’s charities always put her at the top of celebrity philanthropists, year after year. For starters, she gives much of her wealth towards higher learning such as scholarships to underserved achievers as well as school supplies to isolated villages in China. She also created a pay-it-forward type charity that took off helping people worldwide, …

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5 Celebrities Who Own Bitcoin-Crypto Wealth On Steroids

various types of cryptocurrency

Let’s face it, with all the social media followers that A-listers have, they set the trends by their mere words, and when the talk of the town is about celebrities who own bitcoin, ears perk up. Cryptocurrency comes in different flavors, but Bitcoin is the most recognizable name with a very high value. Other popular …

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Top 5 Churches Celebrities Attend-Keeping It Cool

Band performing at church

There are lots of churches celebrities attend, and our top 5 have the production value these A-listers are accustomed to. For many churches, the days of fire and brimstone preaching have been replaced by bands, large projector screens with visual effects, and even a little stand-up humor injected in their weekly message. Of course, quite …

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Friends Cast House-Mathew Perry Likes Being High

Matthew Perry's house

Just a play on words, people. We’re talking about the houses of the Friends cast, specifically Matthew Perry. One of his homes just happens to be a sky-high penthouse in the exclusive Century building in Los Angeles. Matthew must be reading from Elon Musk’s script, he’s also liquidating his California properties so he can spend …

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Homes Of The Friends Cast -Jennifer Aniston Goes Mid-Century

tub by courtyard

Here at the home of Friends cast member Jennifer Aniston, we can tell her talents also lie in interior design. Most of us know Jennifer as Rachel Green in the long-running TV sitcom, Friends. But she’s also known for her impeccable taste in real estate and seems to gravitate towards the coveted mid-century modern homes …

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Celebrity House Flipper Ellen DeGeneres Banks It Every Time


The best way to look at celebrity house flipper Ellen DeGeneres is that for the most part she really loves her home. For her, it’s a wonderful place to visit. But home? Meh. There. Now it all makes sense. No doubt she’s doubled down on her celebrity preferred luggage for all the times she’s packed …

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Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick Buy Palazzo By The Sea


Professional athletes Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick both put themselves in harm’s way for a living, so the US$28 million they just spent on a hot property in Malibu seems justified to us. In fact, all things considered regarding other hot properties bought and sold in Los Angeles, this would be considered mildly moderate spending. …

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Our Top 5 Celebrities Charities Whom We Love

Oprah Winfrey

Celebrity charities come in all shapes and sizes, mostly extra huge (if that is even a size). Heading into the holiday season we like to reflect on all the goodness in this world – especially the unmatched acts of kindness celebrities do. Although celebrities often get called out for being hopelessly human at times, they …

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Faces We Trust – Our Top 5 Celebrity Endorsements


Celebrity endorsements can be the proverbial double-edged sword. A company having a multi-million dollar contract with a celebrity can elevate them to high heaven. But under the assumption we are all hopelessly human, their flawed lifestyle can be a bust for the company. Just remember, with all the big bucks they make, in turn, our …

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