Discover History Through Our Top 5 Kentucky Bourbon Tours

Distillery bourbon wooden barrel container room

What’s that we say? An American trail with the name Bourbon in it? We don’t know about you but it seems like a great way to top off the end of a global pandemic is with a nice Kentucky bourbon tour through the hills of Kentucky. What’s the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? The Kentucky Distillers’ Association …

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Our Top Single-Artist Museums That Are Bucket-List Worthy


Although devoted to just one artist, these famous single-artist museums still show the works from other artists they carry in their permanent collection, as well as exhibiting rotating shows. These select museums are more like the ultimate shoutout to an artist’s talent and the impact they had on the art world. Some of these single-artist …

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Our Top 5 Things To Do While Touring The Amalfi Coast


Line up a hundred bucket lists from total strangers and we’ll bet 99 of them mention touring the Amalfi Coast. There’s always that “one” guy. Right? And as long as you’re on that side of the hemisphere, touring the Amalfi Coast should be on everyone’s bucket list. Deemed an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, …

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Top 5 Seaside Trails For Bicycle Tours Along The Pacific Coast


California is known for its scenic routes whether by train, car or bike. The nice thing about a bicycle tour is you’ll take in more of this fantastical scenery along the way. Since you might just pack the bike on your car to hit some of these trails, you can make this journey extra cool …

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5 Great Urban Walking Tours in The U. S.

Marilyn Monroe walking tour

How about getting in a little exercise with a walking tour? We’ve covered a bike tour in Prague, but now let’s do some serious walking and remember to be inspired by the great architect you may pass by along the way. Remember, you’re going to want an anti-theft, secure backpack when traveling to keep your …

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Touring Prague to Budapest on Bike


Love to cruise around on your bike? Then experiencing the beauty of the Czech Republic while touring on a bicycle should be on your bucket list. With this tour, you’ll spend nine days pedaling through the magnificent countryside on a journey from Prague to Budapest. Journey through worldly capital cities as you explore the heritage …

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