Our Mesmerizing 5 Top Luxury Car Interiors


If you think the top luxury car interiors in the world lean toward excess, we’d say damn right it does, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hopefully, you feel the same as you settle into the lap of luxury on these 5 luscious car interiors. As the luxury auto market continues to grow, …

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Top 5 African Safari Lodges


This planet is filled with amazing creatures, and seeing some of these in their natural habitat gives us a sense of how spectacular and wild the animals on this planet really are. We’d suggest a stay at an African safari lodge. Everyone’s bucket list should include an African safari – it truly is the best …

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Our Top 5 Most Expensive Sneakers To Kick Back In

Golden Goose sneakers

Perusing through the world of the most expensive sneakers in the world can be daunting since many have a provenance attached, making them a pedigree with collectors status. These sell for crazy numbers on the resale market and at auction. Arguably, Nike would fill up almost any list thanks to their Air Jordan line. Scribble …

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Our Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands In The World


For those faithful followers of Haute horology, these top 5 luxury watch brands have captured our imaginations with their time-telling stories, all told through masterfully crafted timepieces. These luxury watch brands redefine craftsmanship – forging form, fashion, and function into artistic poetry. Of course, they have the added value of keeping time. In fact, the …

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Beeple Rakes in $69 Million On An NFT – WTF?


Things are really heating up with advances in technology, especially the plethora of ideas spawned with blockchain. And because of this, a notable artsy fellow who goes by the name of Beeple just sold an NFT – Non-Fungible Token digital artwork at a Christie’s auction for US$69.3 million. Blockchain is essentially a super-secure database method. …

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5 Reasons To Go To The Moon With Billionaire Maezawa


We are certainly living in different times and the good news that we can all get on board with is that technological advances are coaxing crazy big dreams out of the woodwork – like taking a trip to the moon. How much does rocket fuel cost to get to the moon? Your first thought about …

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Top 5 Luxury Home Accessories That Include A Robot Watchdog


Luxury home accessories and decor have really lept forward with technology and the wow factor, as we wrote about on our top indoor garden products. Now we’ll check out things that might not sustain your body, but will do wonders to help with your quest to find the coolest things on the planet for your …

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Ahoy Matey, Fresh Sea Air Awaits! Our Top 5 Luxury Houseboats

Since some luxury houseboats somewhat fall under the same definition of a luxury yacht, we will differentiate this on our top 5 as those seaworthy accommodations that look and feel more like home. These houseboats come in two flavors. They are the cruising type of luxury vessel and the non-cruising type. We mixed in both. …

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