Our Top 5 Luxury Gift Baskets You Might Just Buy For Yourself

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, luxury gift baskets make a great present. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, these baskets are filled with high-end items that will definitely impress. 

If you’re looking to spend a little extra on someone special, here are some of the best luxury gift baskets money can buy. By the way, that little extra can set you back in the million-dollar range.


But don’t think you have to tap into your 401k yet, not all luxury gift baskets need popcorn covered in gold flakes or a bar of gold weighing down the bag. 

Speaking of bags, the basket is an important part of the presentation so we give props to those who go the extra mile.

We also included some high-ticket items if you want to make your own luxury gift baskets that’ll elevate you into royalty.

As the “any and all occasions” season approaches, gift baskets can also teeter on the affordable, or should we say attainable range when it comes to the price point. We’ll offer some of these alternatives so you can decide. 


Let’s start with everyone’s fave, those tasty confectionary delights crafted by skilled chocolatiers, elegantly boxed up for your tasting pleasure. 

Le Chocolat Box by Simon Jewelers – US$1.5 million

If you’re a connoisseur of chocolate but need a side of jewelry to make it more palatable, then this is the one that’ll leave most luxury gift baskets in the dust.

Luxury chocolates with jewelry

A luxe-like synergy created by Lake Forest Chocolates and Simon Jewelers, Lake Forest is one of the finest candy makers around, creating their concoctions in a top-secret kitchen, legend has it.

Listed in ‘The 50 Best Chocolatiers In America’ Lake Forest creates small-batch chocolates for celebrities around the world. They have somewhat of a cult-like following of aficionados, just like our top California cult wines.

Simon Jewelers opens the vault to their private collection, keeping these one-of-a-kind special moments truly rare. So if you find a sapphire ring adorned with diamonds included with your chocolates, make sure you hand-write that thank you note with lots of Xs and Os at the end.

Alternate – Chocolate Choice

Alternative – Kinipshildt’s Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle – US$250 per truffle

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve probably heard of Knipschildt’s Chocopologie. This brand is known for its luxurious and decadent chocolate truffle cake. 

With a price tag of US$250, you might be wondering if it’s worth the splurge. Here’s what you need to know about Knipschildt’s Chocopologie and whether or not their chocolate truffle cake is worth the price.

truffle for a luxury gift basket

La Madeline au Truffe is made to order and starts with a decadent 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil, and vanilla as the base for the rich decadent ganache. They use a rare French Perigord truffle that makes this delicate gem so special and tasty.

They tell you there’s only a 7-day shelf life if you want to experience this truffle in all its glory but you might want to check your pulse if you haven’t lost all your willpower and consumed this well before then. There might be bigger issues here.

Black Ivory Coffee – US$1,000+ Per Pound

Oh, the lengths we’ll go to for our morning cup of joe. But if you think you’re being over the top brewing an extremely expensive coffee, that’s nothing compared to how it’s made. Let’s start with elephants. Wait, what?

First, elephants are fed the best 100% Thai Arabica cherries that have been picked from an altitude as high as 1500 meters. It then takes about 15-30 hours to digest. You can see where this is going.


Using an elephant’s digestive system to brew its own concoction, sugar cane and bananas are added to finalize the recipe.  This ferments into these perfected coffee beans that are then plucked from the pilings.

The total allocation for 2022 was approximately 474 pounds, primarily sold to select five-star hotels. However, they reserve a small portion for private consumption by international consumers.

So there you have it, a product that takes sustainability to a new level, it doesn’t hurt the elephants, and they even seem to enjoy it. The packaging is elegant and gift-worthy by itself.

Alternative – Kopi Luwak Coffee, US$400 Per Pound

If you’re on a budget but can’t sleep without knowing what coffee fermented in an animal’s digestive tract tastes like, then give Kopi Luwak a try which uses the lower end of the animal world in its process – Asian civet cats. Meow.


This famous Indonesian coffee follows the same routine as elephant-processed coffee, and if you’re wondering why animals are used at all, the answer is simple. They’re actually very picky eaters, meaning only the best beans are eaten.

At the end of the day (or cycle) the fruit gets completely washed off the beans before roasting, giving us a very smooth cup of coffee, that’s nutty, rich, and delicious. 

There are also some hints of caramel and chocolate which sounds like those kitties might be going off their proper diet. Lastly, make sure the cats are free-range when creating your basket. Best to let them wander and choose their own coffee cherries to nosh on.

‘Almas Persicus’ Caviar Presentation Box – US$15,000

Sometimes the best luxury gift baskets happen to look like a box. Still, presentation is everything when it comes to the spoiling department. The 23-carat gold-plated tin inside this handsome wooden box is encrusted with 1.14 carats of diamonds. It includes 250g of Caviar House Selection caviar. 


You can also go a little overboard and compliment this caviar experience with a side of this special Almas Caviar for a mere US$34,500 Per kilogram, found only in Iranian Beluga, one of the rarest and sought-after fish on the planet. If this is an apology gift, then you know sometimes a bunch of diamonds just isn’t going to cut it.

Alternative – Deluxe Caviar Gift Basket – US$1,780.00

Created by Caviar Express, this still leans towards the high-brow of luxury gift baskets in spite of the frugality of its name. After all, we’re still talking about caviar here. Inside you’ll find:

Deluxe Caviar Gift Basket
  • 9oz. Tin of Russian Ossetra Caviar
  • 2oz. Tin of Imperial Russian Ossetra Caviar
  • 2oz. Tin of Russian Sevruga Caviar
  • 8oz. slice of Smoked Scottish Salmon
  • Three Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons
  • Two Packages of Caviar Blinis (16 in pack)
  • 7.5oz. Tin of Crème fraîche, and
  • Greeting Card with a Personalized Message

Deli Luxury Gift Baskets 

First Class Taste of The World Gift Box – US$499.99

If you live by the adage Go large or go home, then this is for you. There’s something satisfying about diving into a cornucopia of delights and finding tiny jars of this and that which complements a plethora of tasty snacks. The World Gift Box doesn’t disappoint in presentation, quantity, and quality.


The oversized wooden box is a crowd pleaser in itself, and it’ll be flowing with exotic meats and cheeses like Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto, P’tit Basque Whole Wheel, Salami Barolo by Creminelli and sliced Prosciutto di Parma.

Truffle Fudge Bites 8 Piece Assortment Box by John Kelly and Blissful Brownies are also buried inside but in their own Gift Box. There are just too many other delectables to list, but half the fun is exploring this treasure trove.

Alternative – Katz’s Birthday Box, US$135.00

Although packaged in a simplistic manner, who cares – it’s from Katz! This world-renowned New York Jewish deli is known for its legendary pastrami and house-cured corned beef. Lucky you if you find your name on this!

Inside the box are the curated components to construct Pastrami on Rye and a Corned Beef Reuben. Packed with full-sour and half-sour deli pickles and all the fixings, you’re good to go for this true Jewish New York deli experience.


We know a thing or two about the best Jewish deli around, so take our advice when we say this is an epic luxury gift to give.

Elvish Honey – US$6,800 Per Kilogram

If you receive a gift basket with what appears to be a fine bottle of cognac, look closer – it just might be the most expensive honey in the world.

honeycomb with bees

The name means “Fairy Honey.” Fairy Honey is an ancient nickname given for the densest, highest, and most magical honey harvested in the northeast Black Sea. And deep in this forest is where all the magic happens.

Elvish honey is made deep in the Saricayir Valley caves of north-eastern Turkey where bees create a “High-quality, rich in minerals honey.”

These caves are very difficult to access. Having to descend nearly 1800 meters to reach these hives, dedicated beekeepers follow a centuries-old tradition. At this depth, the air and water are incredibly pure which also helps produce this bespoke honey.

Elvish Honey in an elegant bottle

Rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, and proline, Elvish honey’s annual production is mostly reserved for pharmaceutical companies, so it’s not easy to get your hands on at any price.

Alternative Honey – Mānuka Nectar, US$100

The word Mānuka is the indigenous Maori word for the Leptospermum Scoparium tree – which is only found in New Zealand. The honey is produced from carefully placed hives near the flowering nectar of this tree. This special honey is also rated high for antimicrobial effects, antioxidants, and healing properties when it comes to tissue regeneration.

Only about 2800 tons of Manuka Honey is produced a year, so you can assume someone thinks you’re mighty special and sweet if you come across this in your gift basket.


It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for that perfect luxury gift basket, but there are so many configurations and price points that you should be able to make it work when aiming high.

The takeaway here is that you can mix and match your own concoction of luxe i a box with a little imagination. Add an expensive bottle of wine from our California cult wine collection then throw in a magic 8 ball. Dream big and make it fun!

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