Celebrity Workouts – Our Top 5 Who Skip A Mean Rope

Celebrity workouts are taking on the persona of some of those childhood games we’ve grown up with, and skipping rope is right up there with the Hoola hoop. A rope might be as high-tech as these fitness gadgets, but it does get the job done.

When it comes to sweat, next-day pain, and a dose of mild humiliation (if you’re lacking coordination) we’ve got just the workout you’re looking for. You may not have a top-notch stylist waiting in the wings to make sure you “clean up nicely” after a hard workout, but you’ll still shine as bright as they do.

We’re learning lots of celebrities have mastered the rope and got the bod to show it. Since these stars also promote beauty products and get paid big bucks for their endorsements, skipping rope keeps them up to par. Here are our top 5 who skip a mean rope.

Justin Bieber

Just like any sport (yes, we just bumped skipping rope up to a sport) there’s a vocabulary of terminology for those fancy moves we’ve all seen boxers do.
And the Beib moves with the best of them. His workout includes the criss-cross, speed step, one-foot jump, and a few double-unders. This kid’s got the moves inside and outside the arena.

Justin Bieber on stage

Lots of celebrities like Justin Beiber maintain a well-rounded fitness plan which encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. For spirituality, you’ll find many A-listers like Justin frequent church regularly. Here’s a list of celebrities and the churches they love.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is no wimp when it comes to her fitness training, and she often posts her workouts on social media with Simone De La Rue.
Simone’s her fitness expert and founder of the popular dance class Body By Simone. De La Rue says “Where some other classes are set, we constantly change it up.”

Continuing,  she states this keeps you physically and mentally stimulated. It is a solid mix of cardio and strength training. Jennifer gets in her cardio through dance, trampoline, and jump rope.

Jennifer Garner on walk of fame
Carrie Underwood 

For Carrie, her fave way to use a jump rope is as part of a full-body routine. Carrie’s on-tour trainer, Eve Overland says she is always up for an extra challenge.

“Often, we will jump rope in between lifting sets as a form of active recovery.” Her entire routine consists of jump roping 200 times intermingled between squats, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

Her workout isn’t just for those exhausting performances, she’s also a bit of a doomsday preparer. “Make fun of me, but we’ll see who survives the zombie apocalypse.”

Carrie Underwood skips rope as part of her celebrity workout
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson takes her celebrity workout on the road, as she has learned traveling isn’t a proper excuse for not exercising.

Even when she can’t make it to one of her classes or the gym, having a jump rope helps keep her fit.

Hudson says: I’m a big believer in doing 20 minutes of exercise a day. I love jumping rope. It’s one of the hardest cardio exercises you can do, but it’s so easy. Her jumps are said to be next level acrobatics that would do Creed proud.

Kate Hudson
Kim Kardashian West

Sometimes keeping up with the Kardashians goes both ways and she has a simple celebrity workout that keeps her on top of her game every time- jumping rope.

The reality star shows off some of her fitness secrets every now and then on Snapchat. On a recent occasion, Kim could be seen jump roping on a massive basketball court.

Kim and Kanye West

With a fashion and beauty empire under Kim’s belt, she needs to project what she preaches. And jump rope does the trick for her. Like David Lee Roth says, “Might as well jump, go ahead and Jump.”

Man jumping rope on a roof top
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