Shine Like The Stars And Get Your Glitter Makeup On

Glitter as makeup takes us back to the prehistoric days where early humans are believed to have used glittery cosmetics, made of powdered hematite, a sparkling mineral.

We’ve come a long way from the ancient Egyptian days of using crushed beetles for the sparkly look of the Nile.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe

Looking for a darker lipstick to go with those fabulous black nail designs you’re wearing? Then this studded kiss lipstick in poe (deep navy shimmer) will do the trick.

Lipstick in poe
Lipstick in poe

Infused with vitamins A, C, and E, an antioxidant complex that leaves lips feeling soft, and the Crème Brûlée scent provides a subtle, sweet experience when you apply it. The violet- and the blue-flecked formula stays put for hours.

NYX Face and Body Glitter

If you’re glitter-obsessed, then this is one-stop shopping. Use this as eye makeup, on your brows, hair, anywhere you want glittery.

jar of glitter makeup

From ruby red and multi-colored purple to bronzy brown and yellow gold, this is a sparkle-perfect look.

Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo in Talia
Eye glitter makeup

These dual eyeshadows offer rich, metallic pigment with a foil finish in one swipe. With liquid eyeshadow on one side and glitter on the other, these gorgeous shades spotlight your eyes with all the glitz and glam to shine all night long.

Kiko Glitter Top Coat Mascara

We can’t forget the eyelashes, and with Kiko’s Glitter Top Coat you get A nice subtle glitter that really makes the eyes stand out.

The special spiral-shaped fiber applicator distributes the mascara perfectly along the whole length of the lashes. The bristles are soft and flexible, enabling application without affecting the mascara underneath.

In addition, their size and shape allow the correct amount of glitter to be released.

The gel texture is light and transparent. It is easy to apply and dries quickly to give maximum comfort to eyelashes and guarantee a long-lasting effect. And it’s ophthalmologically tested.

glitter makeup
Lit Kits

Lit makes no bones about being bold with glitter, and they’re on a mission to glitterize all.


Lit Cosmetics’ vision is to ‘Glitter the World’ by offering the largest selection of premium vegan and cruelty-free glitter makeup and eyeshadows. Lit creates top-quality, sexy makeup that’s easy to use, fun, and suitable for everyone.

Lit Glitter Kits for makeup

Remember, it’s important that your arsenal of brushes isn’t constructed of any materials that can cause problems with your skin. You can go here to learn about quality makeup brushes and what to look out for.

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