The Quality Makeup Brush Deconstructed – Hair’s The Difference

Does The Hair On A Makeup Brush Make A Difference?

Pun aside, the hair on your makeup brush really does make a difference in how makeup gets applied, and there are even some health pitfalls with low-quality brushes you need to be aware of. We offer lots of tips on skincare, but sometimes it’s not your skin that’s the problem.

The bristles are the tip of the spear, sort to speak, and we’ll look at the 2 kinds you’ll find on makeup brushes. They are either synthetic or natural-haired.

Natural-Haired Makeup Brushes

The bristles on these brushes are usually made from squirrel which is the softest, to goat, pony, weasel, and badger. Badger is much firmer hair.

The powder will generally cling better to a natural-hair brush because of its porous cuticle structure. This gives a refined and polished finish to the application.

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Synthetic Hair Brushes

Since synthetic hair doesn’t have the attributes of real hair like cuticles and bumpy ridges at the micro-level, there’s far less chance of bacteria and dirt collecting in the nooks and crannies.

So this is much better as far as hygiene goes. This is important since these products are being applied around your most prone areas for allergic reactions. Synthetic hairs can also be less irritating.

Bacteria and fungi can adhere to most surfaces and have evolved in nature to use organic materials like animal hairs as a perfect surface on which to thrive. Man-made materials repel these microbes far better.

Top Synthetic Makeup Brushes

So let’s take a look at some of these top synthetic brushes we think are winners all the way around.


We’ll start with the luxury line of brushes made by Artis. As the company says, Artis designs products that are both beautiful to handle and functionally superior to use.

One look at their brush design and you’d think it’s a work of art you’d find in Leo’s collection. But Artis brushes are more than just a pretty face.


Since real hair can cause skin sensitivities for about 10% of the population, and that’s a big number. Artis created a filament so awesome they trademarked it as CosmeFibre®.

This monofilament fiber is constructed and shaped to offer superior performance when applying cosmetic and makeup products.

These fiber bundles perform for years under normal conditions, and with proper care and maintenance, they should outlast the weasel and company.

Kevyn Aucoin Brushes

Kevyn Aucoin is considered to be one of the most influential makeup artists of our time. pioneering the “art of contouring.”

He perfectly contoured the faces of many celebrities and top models, including Cher, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell.

Kevyn Aucoin Contour makeup Brush

Kevyn Aucoin master makeup brushes and sets are not as pricey as Artis, but still, high-quality brushes used by professional makeup artists all over the world.

The Expert Makeup Brush Collection is essential to define your own awesome contours like our fave celebrities.


Sephora’s brush line is more affordable than the previously mentioned brushes and is still a synthetic, cruelty-free, and vegan product.

In fact, they are big on sustainability so along with creating a long-lasting makeup brush that does the job, you’re supporting a company that looks after our planet.

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Zoeva offers a wide selection of vegan makeup brushes. They also don’t conduct or condone testing on animals, continuing with our cruelty-free mantra, so another plus with this company.

They do offer some natural hair brushes that are made from animal hair so those are not vegan.

Graceful Swan on a lake in black and white

Regardless, no animals are ever harmed during the manufacturing process according to their website. ZOEVA white “Luxe“ brushes are crafted with a natural-synthetic hair blend.

All other brushes are made of pure synthetic hairs, so their classic vegan brush kit will cover all your needs for face and eye makeup.


Sigma Essential Kit has synthetic hairs dubbed Sigmax Fibers. This is Sigma Beauty’s exclusive thermoplastic engineering polymer developed to evenly apply cream and powder products onto the skin for a high-definition effect.


Featuring premium filaments and engineered for outstanding softness, this is a high-durability product. Sigmax fibers are also said to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

This article may or may not have been sponsored by a goat, a pony, a squirrel, a weasel, and a badger.

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