Top 5 Timeshare Myths Put To Rest

It’s about time to turn the tides on timeshare myths. As the sign says, let’s start with a reality check. Timeshares are something you want to use, not save or invest in, kind of like your car.

Even if you buy a nice luxury car, it has no more value from that day you drove it off the lot- but you sure did enjoy it! Man, what a ride! OK, let’s put timeshares in THAT perspective.

Timeshares aren’t for everyone but for those who like to make sure they squeeze life to the fullest, a little self-indulgence never hurts. So let’s review the word on the streets about timeshares and see if we agree or not.

Maintenance fees are a total rip-off

Ah, this is a good timeshare myth as long as you put things in perspective.

So you’re telling me you want your dream vacation is to stay in a dump with old appliances, dead grass, and paint peeling off the walls?

This all costs money and if your mindset is still in “investment” mode, then maintenance fees are proper use of funds for your investment.


You actually have your maintenance fees to thank for a clean, maintained timeshare unit that features upgraded appliances and amenities like pool slides and manicured grounds.

Timeshares are easy to get out of

OK, we’ll call this one a timeshare myth, too.  It can be very hard to exit a timeshare, regardless of what a salesperson may say at closing; indeed, many of the statutory protections designed to help consumers immediately after a sale are often woefully inadequate to realistically address buyers’ needs.

Short of other options, many consumers have found that consulting with an attorney is the surest way to a conclusive resolution of their timeshare woes.

A licensed attorney is only obligated to fight for you, the client; retaining an attorney offers consumers significant leverage in negotiations, and offers certain protections from debt collectors.the

Timeshares are more expensive than normal annual vacations

The truth is that timeshare vacations are about getting more value for your vacation dollars, but there are lots of gears in the cog when it comes to fine-tuning this one. 

Over time, you can save a significant amount of money with a timeshare program as opposed to a regular vacation.

Consider all the money you save by cooking and doing laundry inside your timeshare unit while on vacation. According to ARDA and the U.S. Travel Association, you can save more than $25,000 over a 20-year period. Remember, timeshares are for avid travelers!

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Timeshares are bad investments

Timeshares are meant to be used, and not as an investment unless you see decadent pleasures as a proper investment in your well-being.

The bottom line, when you buy a timeshare, you should be clear on the usage rights and terms of “ownership”.

Besides, didn’t you get a stylish TV for sitting through the sales presentation? That’s gotta be worth something.

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