Timesharing Jetsetty Style

We like to think of our subscribers as insiders of a special club, and timeshares can be just that- a club membership that allows you choices worldwide.

Let’s look at a few choices so you get the hang of it. We’ll start with the Marriot Vacation Club.

Go big.

First, you have access to a vast and diverse collection of resorts, properties, and experiences, including cruises, adventure travel, guided tours. That should put to rest the myth that timeshares are condos stuck in places you never end up going to.

With the Marriot Vacation Club, you’ll receive an annual allotment of Vacation Club Points. Vacation as often as you want based on the number of Vacation Club Points you have and how you use them.

As your tastes and your family change over time, so can your travel options. This is great if you want to explore different places each time you decide to get away from it all.

Go rogue.

Another route to take is the non-corporate approach by purchasing or renting a timeshare directly from the owner. This is a cottage industry so your choices are endless.

Start here to see what’s available. As they say in real estate, everything is negotiable so don’t be shy with your dollars, talk your way into the best deal possible.

Go wild!

Ever consider a safari as a timeshare option? African leading camps and safari lodges are among the most glamorous and expensive resorts in the world. Tell me THAT doesn’t sound like a wild idea. In fact, many of these places make the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Hotels list.

If you’re looking for a cool book that actually comes to life with animals in motion and gives you a taste of what a safari trip could be, check out “Safari: A Photicular Book.” 

African safari timeshare

Timeshares can even be guided tours and African safaris!

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