Exotic Timeshares You Dream About

Can timeshares take you to exotic places? But of course, they can! Now that you’re familiar with how timeshares work, let’s start with those faraway timeshares that are club and membership oriented. 

These membership timeshares have the biggest variety of villas and resorts worldwide as well as accommodating your needs. They come in a variety of flavors – family and kid-friendly, adults-only and even somewhere you only need to bring a toothbrush and shades.

For example, Exotic Portal is a good place to start. Their membership offers exotic places with amenities to spoil you into oblivion.

This includes a private infinity pool and a beach butler delivering sunscreen with your specialty cocktail.

Another amenity is that the family suites are stocked with toys and kids’ snacks. Exotic food and culinary events created by their Michelin-trained chefs are also found at some of these resorts.

Definitely a custom-tailored pampered vacation!

Private butlers at a resort

Nicely served, Jeeves. That’ll be all.

They have resorts as well as city hotels, you can check out their portfolio of resorts here.

We think you’ll find it super useful to visit sites like this one at Tripadvisor where timeshare owners chime in on their experiences. A little transparency is good for the soul, if not the pocketbook!

sunset panorama at Maldives

If you’re going to buy exotic, then there are venues that are like auto trader magazine type websites or the Craigslist of glamorous timeshares. They show you the properties, views and some tidbits of info about what you’re buying into.

Remember, you can negotiate a better deal than you’re offered. Just like any real estate, you can haggle, haggle, and haggle some more. You are in the alpha position, use it to the max.

luxury place resort and spa

To summarize, your exotic timeshare agreement will either give you a set week every year or a floating week where you can choose when to vacation based on your contract and availability.

If you plan on exploring different places, there’s also timeshares that operate on a points system where you purchase points and use them at select properties.

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