Glamping Across The Globe-5 Luxury Camping Sites You’ll Love

Glamping tents

Remember when you went camping with the family, and your only memories were “this really sucked.” Well, we’re about to change all that. Welcome to the world of glamping. Out top 5 glamping locations across the globe will help wipe away those brain neurons that remind us of bugs and boredom – while adding new …

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Our Top 5 Off-The-Beaten-Path Places To Travel In The USA

slot canyons

We look at the United States as a giant sandwich. OK, not always but today we are in this context – there’s a lot of tasty stuff is in the middle. Today we bring you amazing, off-the-beaten-path places that are visual feasts, so indulge, you won’t gain a pound! We talked about the sweet hotels …

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Crop Art & Terrace Farming – Our Top 5 Landscapes From Above


We’re big thinkers here at Jetsetty and hopefully, you are too. So in the spirit of going large, check out our top 5 crop art and terrace farming landscapes. You’ll love seeing more of Stan Herd’s work as shown above. These incredibly beautiful canvases are created on acres of land and can only be appreciated …

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Flying Taxis and Flying Cars- Heads Up, They’re Coming

Flying taxis

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the days of flying taxis and personal flying cars, hang in there – they are well underway. No doubt they’ll be even more exhilarating than a bullet train. In fact, some implementation has already begun with skyports and test runs in some major cities worldwide. Before we dive in, …

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Scotch Whisky & A Loch Ness Monster- Something’s Fishy Here

vintage whiskey makers outside the distillery

We find it quite a coincidence that the sightings of the famed Loch Ness Monster all seem to be centered around Scottish whisky distilleries. We know you can drink yourself blind, but at what point do you start seeing monsters in the lake? There is another logical explanation. These distilleries that are located in the …

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Fast Trains – Making Them Part Of Your Vacation Experience


Realistically, your vacation starts the moment you leave your front door and fast trains are the perfect compromise between getting there quickly and enjoying the journey. With an average flight speed of 567 miles per hour on a commercial flight, these trains aren’t as nearly as fast, but we all know what clouds look like …

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