5 Beautiful Famous Castles in France That You’ll Want to Visit


If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful experience, you should consider visiting these alluring and famous castles in France. Our focus is on the Loire Valley, which is heavily saturated with these spectacular fortresses that have been around since the Middle Ages. As long as they’ve been around, they have never lost their incredible …

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Our 5 Top Golf Resorts In The U.S. With Epic Views


Golf vacations are a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and these top golf resorts in the U.S. offer you a destination with world-class courses. Whether you’re an experienced golfer looking to take on challenging championship courses or a novice who just wants to enjoy the beautiful views, these top golf resorts in the …

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Our Top Luxury Rideshares – 5 Better Ways to Arrive In Style

image of a chauffeur in front of a luxury car

By making the switch from your go-to taxi apps over to these top luxury rideshares, you will be joining the ranks of insiders who won’t settle for less with this bespoke technology – but still know how to save a dime. It’s high time you enjoy all the benefits of rideshare while taking advantage of …

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Living Large. Our 5 Top luxury Travel Apps For The Serious Traveler


We’ve already shown you some awesome bike trails off the beaten path, but these top luxury travel apps do way more than just get you peddling around the country a little easier. These apps make sure your travels set a new bar by revealing hidden trails, foodie hideaways, and places you never knew existed. In …

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5 Top Reasons to Visit Croatia-Game Of Thrones, Anyone?

Aerial view at famous european travel destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik old town

With Croatia being one of the top American destinations for European travel, especially in winter, there seems to be an endless flow of reasons to visit Croatia. That might make Miami tourism a little nervous since Croatia is no longer under wraps with New York travelers. It’s no wonder English poet Lord Byron described the …

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Our Top 5 National Parks In The U.S. – Break Out The Bucket List


Our list of narrowing the top national parks in the U.S. down to 5 was no easy task, with 62 national parks coast to coast, the United States has some of the absolute best mother nature has to offer. What Exactly is a National Park? Comprised of 10’s of millions of pristine acreage, national parks …

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Flying Taxis and Flying Cars- Heads Up, They’re Coming

Flying taxis

If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the days of flying taxis and personal flying cars, hang in there – they are well underway. No doubt they’ll be even more exhilarating than a bullet train. In fact, some implementation has already begun with skyports and test runs in some major cities worldwide. Before we dive in, …

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Fast Trains – Making Them Part Of Your Vacation Experience


Realistically, your vacation starts the moment you leave your front door and fast trains are the perfect compromise between getting there quickly and enjoying the journey. With an average flight speed of 567 miles per hour on a commercial flight, these trains aren’t as nearly as fast, but we all know what clouds look like …

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