Our Top Luxury Rideshares – 5 Better Ways to Arrive In Style

By making the switch from your go-to taxi apps over to these top luxury rideshares, you will be joining the ranks of insiders who won’t settle for less with this bespoke technology – but still know how to save a dime.

It’s high time you enjoy all the benefits of rideshare while taking advantage of the many luxe features that make getting from point A to point B more of an adventure. In other words, traveling Jetsetty style.

Are Luxury Rideshares More Expensive?

Not necessarily. Although at face value they do charge a premium, sometimes you get incentives or can join a membership with discounts. This can be your coup de grâce for those who frequently find themselves needing these services.


You’ll also have to weigh in on the benefits of saving time, easier scheduling with your time, and not compromising on your safety. Your safety is always front and center with these top luxury rideshares.

For example, these rideshares have a more stringent vetting system for their drivers and even provide their own fleet of vehicles for consistency in this luxury realm. So, are we ready to say goodbye to Uber and make the switch to some of our top luxury rideshares? Well, not quite yet.

Uber has their own high-level rideshare service called Uber Lux which keeps them in the game when it comes to providing world-class service. But there are other choices. remember to check out our top luxury travel apps too!


When it comes to ride-hailing services, Alto is one of the top contenders in the luxury rideshare industry. People often wonder about pricing, the type of cars they use, and more when it comes to hiring a ride with Alto.

Let’s dive in and answer these burning questions about Alto, so that you can confidently use the service when you need it. Founded by Will Coleman and Alex Halbardier, Alto was created with the values of hospitality, consistency, and safety in mind. That seems to ring a bell in a good way.

Unlike some of the other rideshare companies where the drivers are independent contractors,  the Alto drivers are all professionally trained employees of the company. Also, Alto owns their own fleet of luxury vehicles with real-time video monitoring so they can ensure you’re always going to have a quality riding experience. No shenanigans with this riding experience.

Currently, they operate out of Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, DC, and San Francisco, but are growing quickly.

Alto is unique compared to other ride-hailing services because it plans to become the first company with a complete fleet of electric vehicles. The goal is an electric ride-hail fleet with over 3,000 EVs by the end of 2023.

Tesla-electric-vehicle used as one of our top luxury rideshares

If you find yourself hailing a lift more often than not, then their membership packages will get you discounts and priority pick-ups.

Alto offers three different levels of memberships: Monthly, Annual, and Family. The Monthly membership costs $12.95 per month, the Annual membership costs $99 per year, and the Family membership costs $99 per year plus $25 for each additional family member.

With any of these memberships, you get a 30% discount on all trips booked through the Alto app. You can also preschedule rides and seize some of the occasional promotions they offer.

What Types of Alto Cars Can You Expect?

You’ll be given a choice of 5-star crash-rated SUVs in the Alto fleet. You’ll also receive a push notification when your driver arrives at your pick-up location.

The Alto app allows you to control the car’s lighting and music and even offers a “do not disturb” mode if you don’t want to talk with your driver.

In addition, each Alto vehicle is cleaned thoroughly between rides using EPA-sanctioned disinfectants and has HEPA cabin air filters for fresh air circulation throughout your ride.

Blacklane – Global Chauffeur Service

Blacklane’s global chauffeur service provides an elite, hassle-free transportation experience for its customers. With locations across the globe and an expansive network of drivers.

Blacklane helps make travel more comfortable, allowing you to get to your destination safely and on time. But this is far more than just your typical ride-hailing service.

What is a Global Chauffeur Service?

A global chauffeur service is an elite transportation solution that provides unparalleled comfort and convenience for travelers. Here, a chauffeur goes beyond being just a professional driver. They are trained to provide passengers with a safe and comfortable ride that exudes luxury.

This means they are also capable of attending to the needs of the passengers, such as security, booking reservations, sourcing restaurants, and errand services. If this sounds similar to the butlers we’ve written about, you’re not too far off.

Blacklane offers a global chauffeur service mainly to meet the needs of international travelers. The vehicles are equipped with up-to-date navigation systems as well as flight monitoring technology to keep you updated, so you never have to worry about delays in your journey.

Blacklane also guarantees a fixed price, so there are no hidden fees or extra charges that would cause any confusion as sometimes you just don’t know the city you are in so this makes things less stressful. Isn’t that a butler’s job?


Additionally, the chauffeurs have signed a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the privacy of their clients. You never know what secrets can slip out in transit, but no worries here.

Operating in many of the top cities worldwide, you’ll have a selection of business-class Mercedes Benz E-Class vehicles among others. Let’s take a look.

Understanding the Blacklane Car List

Blacklane doesn’t own its vehicles but rather aggregates them from local partners, so the fleet comprises top-of-the-line luxury cars with stellar interiors such as Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Cadillac XTS, or similar, in the Business Class category. They also have Chevrolet Suburbans, Cadillac Escalades, and the Toyota Alphard in the Business Van/SUV category.

Booking with Blacklane can offer a number of benefits for travelers looking for a more comfortable, luxurious ride experience. For starters, all rides with Blacklane’s vehicles are 100% carbon neutral, allowing customers to offset their carbon footprint in a small but meaningful way.

In addition, the company adheres to rigorous health cleaning standards, ensuring a safe and sanitary ride no matter where you are. Operating in 70 countries and over 300 cities Blacklane has found its niche in making sure you arrive in a stately, if not diplomatic fashion.


Kaptyn is also an all-electric rideshare company offering customers a luxurious and convenient way to get around. With a nationwide fleet of electric vehicles driven by employees instead of independent contractors. Kaptyn currently operates in Las Vegas, South Florida, and Southern California, with more markets coming online soon.

They are backed by TeraWatt, a leader in real estate and EV charging expertise, who has provided Kaptyn with an integrated eMobility platform to optimize electrification for large fleets.

Like Alto, Kaptyn stands out from other rideshare companies because they employ their own drivers and maintain their own fleets. This means they are able to provide more consistent, reliable transportation while ensuring that drivers can earn a decent living while the company makes a profit.

The Kaptyn Way of Luxury Rideshare

Kaptyn offers a variety of services for passengers looking for a luxurious, convenient ride. They offer single, roundtrip, hourly, or multi-stop rides, as well as a VIP Meet & Greet Airport service.

For those needing transportation for longer periods, we also offer dedicated chauffeur services. Being a Las Vegas company, they have the city dialed in to help make your rideshare more memorable.  

You Can explore Las Vegas with Kaptyn’s limousine tours and area attractions packages. The NightClubs.com VIP Club Entry allows passengers to skip the line and get access to the hottest night spots in the city.


They also have Ultra Strip Excursions, Hoover Dam Excursions, Grand Canyon “Skywalk” Excursions, and Pahrump Valley Winery Excursions.

Kaptyn offers several pricing options so that everyone can enjoy its services. There are daily, weekly, and monthly passes available depending on how often you need to use the service. Additionally, Kaptyn offers special discounts for students, seniors, and members of the military.

The safety measures include professionally trained, employee drivers, ongoing background checks, randomized drug and alcohol screening of their drivers, and 5-star hospitality training for concierge-level service.

Wingz – A Focus on Airport Lifts and Flat Rates

Wingz is an innovative transportation service that enables travelers to schedule personal and stress-free rides at a flat rate. Founded in 2011in San Francisco, California (with a branch in Lyon, France), Wingz has been part of the ride-share industry since its inception. Who knew?

Wingz offers private, scheduled, and flat-rate rides in 30 different cities across the United States, with a focus on airports. Riders can also request specific drivers for their rides and create a list of their favorite drivers for future bookings. No more awkward moments with a stranger at the wheel.

The company also offers riders a $1 million or $1.5 million (depending on the market) per incident liability policy, and all vehicles used are inspected by professionals and must have been manufactured in the last five years.

Moreover, since all Wingz rides are flat-rate they do not experience the same volatile pricing shifts as other companies during phases of low supply or high demand.

What Is Uber Lux?

Uber Lux is a step up from the regular Uber and UberXL services, providing passengers with a luxurious ride experience. With Uber Lux, you can request a high-end car with a professional driver.

This luxury option is the most upscale ride that Uber offers, so if you’re looking for an extra special night out, it’s definitely worth considering.

How Does Uber Lux Work?

Ordering an Uber Lux is easy. Simply download the app and select the “Lux” option when you are in an area that provides the luxury alternative. The process works the same way as ordering a regular Uber or UberXL.

Uber Lux is more expensive than the standard UberX, but comes with some extra perks such as larger vehicles to accommodate up to six riders and a professional driver. Assuming everyone pitches in, this is a cheap way to sit in the lap of luxury.

What Vehicles Are Available With Uber Lux?

Uber Lux vehicles must meet certain standards of quality and luxury. Generally, they must be black cars such as sedans, SUVs, or luxury vehicles.

When requesting an Uber Lux ride, passengers can expect their ride to be in any of these high-end car models: Audi A8, Bentley four-door models, BMW 5-series or 7-series, Cadillac Escalade, Jaguar XJ or XJR, Land Rover Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, or Range Rover Sport, Lexus LS or LX, Lincoln Navigator, Maybach four-door models, Mercedes-Benz S-Class or G-Class, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S, and Rolls Royce Royce, Ghost, or Phantom.

It’s important to note that Uber Lux might not be available in all cities, so make sure to check your local Uber page or app to see which rides you can request.

These vehicles are considered to be the epitome of luxury and come equipped with additional amenities such as plush interiors, state-of-the-art audio systems, and more.

Once you’re in your Uber Lux car, you can enjoy an array of exclusive experiences, such as complimentary snacks and drinks, an onboard concierge service, and even a chauffeur who will take care of all your needs throughout the journey.


Although Uber and Lyft are great services and almost guaranteed to have their apps on most phones, you do have other choices that not only give you a more luxurious experience but can be comparable in pricing.

If you add in parking, gas, and added stress of getting to your own car then any way you slice it you’re going to be much better off using one of these top luxury rideshares.

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