Top 5 Seaside Trails For Bicycle Tours Along The Pacific Coast

California is known for its scenic routes whether by train, car, or bike. The nice thing about a bicycle tour is you’ll take in more of this fantastical scenery along the way.

Since you might just pack the bike in (or on) your car to hit some of these trails, you can make this journey extra cool by staying at these retro motels along the way.

California isn’t called the Golden State for no reason, and with endless bike paths along the pristine coast, there’s nothing like taking in a beautiful golden sunset with the fresh ocean breeze and the occasional call of a seagull reminding you you’re in heaven… or that he just wants one of your french fries.

Remember, you’re going to need lots of energy while doing all this biking so be sure to hit one of these top bakeries on the west coast to indulge in some delicious baked goods.

By the way, seagulls LOVE french fries. They are notorious for stealing them from you and much easier to catch than fish, so watch out!

San Pedro, CA

Midway up the coast is the Port of Los Angeles where you’ll find a great starting point in the seaside town of San Pedro.

There are miles of coastline bike paths heading north along the winding cliffs toward Rancho Palos Verdes.

Needless to say, the ocean views across the Pacific looking at Catalina Island are incredibly picturesque.

A fun little break between touring would be hitting one of these fun trampoline parks! They’re pretty much everywhere up and down the coast.

If you just want to bike around town and eat and drink along the way, here’s a fun little bicycle tour we found around the marina.


Depending on whether you’re doing your bicycle tour along the boardwalk or pedaling along a bike path, “cruising” seems to be the key here as you want to take in the sites and remind yourself you’re not in a race. If you want to keep it classy, we love the Destiny Woman’s Cruiser by Schwinn.

The Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser Bike is the bomb, nostalgic in style and this cruiser has summertime fun written all over it. Now you’re cruising Jetsetty style!

If you still need a little bit of an adrenaline rush while exploring the coast, you might want to check out these top trampoline parks scattered up and down the coast!


Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

This is an easy one in so many ways. 12 miles of flat riding along Mission Bay in pretty much perfect weather year-round. Here’s a list of lots more great biking in the San Diego area.


Biking along the blissful paths of Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

Pacific Coast Bike Trail, Ventura, CA

Ventura has established miles of on- and off-street bicycle paths that stretch along the coastline for bicyclists, runners, and joggers as part of the Pacific Coast Bike Trail. 

You’re right next to the sea and it’s easy to get splashed in the face with the sea mist when the waves are in a mood. Needless to say, if you’re any closer to the water then you’re probably swimming, not biking.

Beach lifestyle with Two bicycles on the seaside

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail, Half Moon Bay, CA

The Coastside Trail is truly a destination trail. It offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, access to several beaches, and excellent nature viewing. This is along one of those sleepy little beach towns so a good spot to enjoy a very mellow ride. Rumor has it this is about a 10-mile trek.

Like bird-watching from your bike? Then this is paradise. Bird watching is popular with Red-tailed hawks, blue herons, and red-winged blackbirds. 


Burke-Gilman Trail, Seattle, Washington

This trail runs from Golden Gardens Park on Puget Sound, through Ballard, Fremont, and the University of Washington, around the western side of Lake Washington, and joins the Sammamish River Trail. The total distance is approximately 20 miles.

The Burke-Gilman Trail is a paved, off-road facility over its entire length with the exception of an on-road segment in Ballard. While you’re in this neck of the woods, it might be worth checking out these affordable beach towns which are also bike-worthy.

This is pretty much an easy bicycle tour and a great way to take a historic railroad route near the Lake Washington Ship Canal and north along Lake Washington to the Sammamish River. 


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