5 Top Trampoline Parks In The U.S. – Might As Well Jump

These top trampoline parks in the U.S. not only break up the monotony of life but also give you an exciting break from your regular exercise routine. And it’ll take ice cream off your kid’s mind with a little exercise instead. Win-win.

Healthy and fun you say? Yep. Firstly, jumping around on a trampoline is a low-impact activity and it forces all of your different muscles to work simultaneously.

There’s also a study that shows this helps with your balance. Good stuff to know as you start getting older. In fact, regaining your balance increased around 35% just by hopping around for 14 weeks. Van Halen packages this nicely for us in a song, “might as well jump, go ahead and jump.”

Are Trampoline Parks Safe?

First, you’ll want to verify the park is ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) certified, which creates the highest standards for safety in the industry with trampoline parks.

Regardless, trampolines can be categorized as an extreme or action sport so how your experience goes is mostly on you. There are lots of safety rules to follow but with common sense, nearly all kids and adults have a great time.

Remember, these are high-tech facilities that have gone to great lengths to ensure your safety, unlike your grampa’s trampoline back in the day where you had a 50-50 shot of landing in your own yard on your 3rd bounce. Ouch.

So basically, you’re getting a full-impact workout. But we’re more interested in having fun so let’s get to it and check out these top trampoline parks around the country.

Altitude Trampoline Park – Texas City, Texas

With more than 55,000 square feet of jumping and bouncing space, the Altitude Trampoline Park in Texas City is the largest trampoline park in the United States. To put it in perspective, that’s about 7,000 square feet bigger than a football field.


Altitude is one of our fave trampoline parks and it’s got game along with attitude. Here you can choose from a plethora of challenges like Battle Beam, Extreme Dodgeball, and Stunt Bag to name a few.

Throw in a trampoline into the mix of some classic games and you’ve leveled up to the extreme at Altitude Trampoline Park. For those aspiring Hollywood stunt folks, you can bounce or leap onto a stunt bag, although the applause you get may be minimal. Maybe just a golf clap.

We’d recommend flying around on their Super Trampolines as well as trying out the Trapeze Swing. If there’s a little Ringling Bros. in you and you feel like clowning around, then experiencing some high-flying action and landing safely in one of the foam pits just might be your bag.

Get Air Indoor Trampoline Parks – Surf City, California

What could be better than catching a few waves and then heading inside the Get Air Indoor Trampoline Park for what else – to get some air of course!

With dodgeball, Slamball, and a Ninja Course, you’ll find plenty of ways to jump and spin. By the way, somersaults are not good to do on any trampoline unless you’re auditioning for Cirque du Soleil.


Like all these top trampoline parks in the U.S., they especially cater to those under 46″ tall, affectionally referred to as “little jumpers.” Yep, that would be your small children and they have their own special Little Air area to frolic about.

Get Air Trampoline Parks are located in more than 50 U.S. cities so if you live near one and plan to bounce around occasionally, we recommend joining their “Hoppy Hour” for special discounts and deals.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park – Danvers, Massachusetts

Sky Zone Trampoline Parks can be found across the U.S. but we’re honing in on this top trampoline park at Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers. This is the largest of the Sky Zone franchises, offering 29,000 square feet of bouncy fun.


Sky Zone calls itself the creator of the world’s first indoor trampoline park and the originator of wall-to-wall aerial action. In a nutshell, the walls are trampolines too, so gravity be damned. Here you have the freedom to fly.

This top trampoline park offers lots of challenges for everyone including the Warped Wall, Skyclimb, and Challenge Zone where you can take on your friends in a gladiator jousting challenge, go one-on-one in SkyHoops, or test your balance on the slackline and fidget ladder.

But can you do this on a trampoline?

Foot attire usually requires socks, but here you’ll need to purchase their Skysocks which have their trademark grip on the bottom. Let’s face it, without a little grip and stability it would be like bumper cars.

Urban Air – Fullerton, California

Urban Air is another one of our top trampoline parks in the U.S. and can be found in various cities across the country. The Fullerton location is one of their most recent facilities to open.

This outfit is no stranger to fun, being an award-winning national franchise brand that’s the largest adventure park operator in the world with more than 150 locations currently open.

Remember that part we talked about where playing around on a trampoline has health benefits? Urban Air actually makes this a staple of their purpose which is to help kids have fun while achieving activity goals that enhance their social and physical skills.

California is full of these trampoline parks, we’d suggest you hit some of them while doing this retro motel tour up the California coast.

Elevate Trampoline Park – Mesa, Arizona

With several locations springing up across the country under the Elevate umbrella, the Mesa location is branded as “Krazy Air” which is apropos for a top trampoline park, but we picked this one for the nice variety of birthday party packages they offer.

This includes pizzas, soda, t-shirts, and future discounts. All you need to supply are the little jumpers. They even have the part invitation you can print out and send off to your kid’s BFFs.

Of course, what’s a top trampoline park without being open 7 days a week, and offering all the faves when it comes to activities? Krazy Air doesn’t disappoint with joisting, rock climbing, and basketball hoops to name a few. Finally, you can dunk that b-ball!

In Conclusion

Our top trampoline parks in the U.S. are the zenith of enjoying good clean family fun. There’s no shortage of attractions to choose from, and ancillary activities like virtual reality experiences, fitness classes, and birthday parties can also be found in some of these parks. Here are some cool virtual reality experiences you can partake in right at home.

You can even join a trampoline dodgeball league in some locations! So play away, and show gravity who’s boss.

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