Shine Like The Stars And Get Your Glitter Makeup On

Glitter makeup on eyes

Glitter as makeup takes us back to the prehistoric days where early humans are believed to have used glittery cosmetics, made of powdered hematite, a sparkling mineral. We’ve come a long way from the ancient Egyptian days of using crushed beetles for the sparkly look of the Nile. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe Looking …

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Top 5 “No Regrets” Beauty Splurges 

Beauty splurge mask

Before you put on your glitter makeup, go ahead and splurge with these beauty products. It’s only money and you’re worth it.  Let’s start with the ultimate in heavenly beauty splurges, then we can float back down to Earth and look at some other beauty products that are more realistic. It’s all relative, right? House …

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Our Top 5 Celebrities Share the Love With These Beauty Products


Celebrities are no stranger to makeup and beauty products and getting their best face on before filming is where they always have a say in what’s going down. In front of the camera, that’s another story. But we do know they are experts on how to pick and choose beauty products that will stand the …

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