Miami Nice! Our Top 5 Miami Interior Designers

In a city where luxury goes hand in hand with architecture, each empty space would be looked upon as a dream canvas for any of our top Miami interior designers.

On that note, you know this city is going to attract the best of the best with interior design. Not to be outdone by our Chicago interior designers, we’re featuring five that know how to carry a client’s vision to the finish line.

Brown Davis Interiors

Thriving since 1994, designers Rob Brown & Todd Davis have put their name front and center as one of the top designers in Miami.

In 2004 they made Architectural Digest’s list of 100 top architects and interior designers and designed interiors for two homes for Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the British Ambassador’s residence in Washington.

That’s some serious name-dropping! Easy to see why Rob and Todd are on our top Miami interior designers list.

Brown Davis interior designers in Miami


Rob and Todd describe their city like any true artist. “The saturated hues, tropical landscape, and design mecca of Miami have influenced a bold aesthetic that resists conformity.

It is instead a uniquely American perspective, fusing the traditional roots of classicism, with an international, modern, sensual vitality.”

Both are passionate about classic architecture, elegant rooms, and extraordinary craftsmanship. They’ve also mastered using outdoor landscaping to complement and create a backdrop to their interior design, not unlike our top Los Angeles interior designers.

Brown Davis kitchen interior designers in Miami
Brown Davis foyer interior designers in Miami
Brown Davis living room interior designers in Miami

DKOR Interiors

DKOR Interiors is a Miami interior design company that was founded by owner Ivonne Ronderos. DKOR Interiors is one of Miami’s go-to design firms for modern, sophisticated interiors. 

DKOR Interiors is a top Miami design group


This high-end interior design depicts the work of an all-woman group who rely on their savvy taste and the trade.

Their projects are known for their simple and fresh lines with a cool accent of modernism and innovation.

The design team takes pride in creating luxurious and innovative homes that have a very intimate connection to their clients and their families.

DKOR’s highly conceptual designs have gotten them numerous accolades and endless attention as one of the best interior designers in Miami.

They have been featured in Luxe, Marie Claire, Ocean Home, and Design Milk as the best interior designers in Miami. 

DKOR Interiors is a Miami-bath

DKOR Interior designers in Miami
DKOR Interiors Miami-dining room

Michael Wolk Design

Michael Wolk is one of the leading Miami interior designers of corporate, residential, and hospitality interiors.

His core philosophy – Making design matter – is the underlying thread apparent in all his work. “Design is what we make. Anyone can create something functional, and anyone can create something beautiful – but true design will always accomplish both.” Well said.

Michael and a staff of professionals provide comprehensive design services to a variety of clients throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Michael offers a clean, modern twist without succumbing to its local influence, a quality we love as we see with some of our top Austin interior designers.

He has a very successful collection of furniture and furnishings that’s stunning, clean, and articulately executed. Clearly, the design does matter.

Michael Wolk Interior Design in Miami

Michael Wolk Interior Design in Miami-bedroom
Michael Wolk Interior Design in Miami-chair design

Michael Wolk Interior Design in Miami

Kobi Karp Architecture

Kobi Karp is the founder of Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design, Inc., which opened in 1996 and has branches in the Middle East.

The firm’s high-end projects include hospitality, retail and residential spaces around the world in places like the Caribbean, the Black Sea region, and the Middle East.

The founder’s awards for architecture, interior design, and planning are numerous and impressive. Overall, their style “goes big” giving us an exhilarating feeling of comfort. Not surprisingly, we see a lot of these attributes in our top New York interior designers where many New Yorkers have homes in Miami as well.

The Kobi Karp offices house a team of experts that have brought together their learned skills from extensive travel, notable honors, and degrees, all headed by the esteemed principal-in-charge.

Kobi Karp Architecture Interior Design living room

Miami’s Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design have been recognized in various publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Miami Herald, Ocean Drive Magazine, Haute Magazine, El Nuevo Herald, Architectural Digest, Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, Fisher Island Magazine and Hospitality Design Magazine.

Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design have also been featured on CBS, NBC, CNN, and 1 TV Russia. The firm works with clients to create interior environments that are elegant, stylish, and infinitely livable. 

Kobi Karp interior design living room with soft tones

Kobi Karp roof top deck with ocean views

B Pila Design Studio

Bea, the “B” part in Pila, takes more of a holistic approach to designing interiors in and around Miami and other parts of the world.

“At heart, I believe in spaces being an expression of a person’s journey through life; one that welcomes and encourages the very things we love.”

Bea’s mission falls in line with what she calls Design Enlightenment. “No style from the past can define you because we believe the style of the future is freedom.

Our design services and branded products allow your personal style and lifestyle to be expressed, encouraged, and enjoyed.”

B Pila Design Studio
B Pila Design Studio

This studio has worked with clients spanning the U.S., South, Central Americas, and the Caribbean providing their client’s incredible projects that are memorable.

Bea Pila is not only an award-winning interior and furniture designer, but is also the author of the book Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living and is currently pioneering the “Design Enlightenment Movement.” The richness of this design style lends itself well to our exquisite and dreamy home furnishings.

B Pila Design Studio-Miami

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