Our Top 5 Los Angeles Interior Designers, Centered in Excellence

Many Los Angeles interior designers have risen to celebrity status in the City of Angels, but today we’re honing in on 5 whom we love.

LA practically invented the A-lister; from pastry chefs to dog whisperers, Los Angeles covers the entire gamut of the who’s who in the land of big dreams. As you know, we’re big on big dreams here at Jetsetty!

Our Los Angeles top designers create striking, livable canvases that make up the comfy game while adding a dash (if not the whole spice rack) of their personalities to the mix.

If you’re looking for the latest in interior design trends, then you’ve come to the right place. Los Angeles is home to some of the top interior designers in the world and their incredible residences are works of art that will leave you in awe.

From modern mid-century designs to luxurious Mediterranean villas, this guide has something for everyone. Dive into this curated list of the most awe-inspiring residences designed by top interior designers in Los Angeles.

Jeff Andrews – One of The Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles

Listed in 2020 as ELLE Decor’s A-List of their 125 top interior designers in the world, Jeff has no problem rounding out the vision of his celeb clientele. This includes Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, and Kaley Cuoco.

Jeff also carries serious star power with the top design magazines, including House Beautiful, Luxe, and Modern Luxury Interiors.

His residential and commercial projects reflect his own home style and design, in which he “wanted the feeling of the house to be peaceful, subdued, and sophisticated.”

Top Los Angeles interior designer Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews Los Angeles Interior design

Jeff Andrews’s natural talent for taking bold design concepts and infusing them with warmth is what sets him apart in this crowded world of interior designers.

So what else does Jeff do to keep himself busy? He’s the author of “The New Glamour: Interiors with Star Quality” (Rizzoli, 2019), and Jeff has a furniture line with A. Rudin.

Also worth mentioning is his wallpaper line with Astek Wallcoverings and a rug collection with Mansour Modern as well.

His designs are filled with solid patterns, but he keeps them understated, creating a sophisticated synergy that gives us a true sense of a beautiful home.

Jeff Andrews Los Angeles Interior design
Jeff Andrew

Jeff’s classical and signature style interior design services are reminiscent of the Old Chicago interior designs we’ve mentioned, and we know he’d give them a good run for their money. Still, this Los Angeles interior designer is second to none.

Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush, an interior decorator, studied art and architecture in New Orleans and Venice, Italy, focusing on organic modernism and the natural world before venturing on his own. That’s a combo we see paying off in his approach to design.

Living room by Los Angele s interior designerJamie Bush

After receiving his Master of Architecture from Tulane University, Jamie headed west to discover the unsung heroes of mid-century modern residential design architecture in Los Angeles.

After stints at Marmol Radziner and Kelly Wearstler Design (both big names in the L.A. architecture and design scene), he founded his own interior architecture and interior design firm in 2002.

Jamie has since been fortunate enough to have worked on some of the most significant historical residential modernist homes in the U.S.

We like to follow mid-century homes, especially in Los Angeles, where they are considered some of the most coveted, sought-after properties.

And we love how Jamie masterfully combines the strong, sharp lines of the era, blending them effortlessly with the modern curves of his designs.

Top Los Angeles interior designer Jamie-Bush
top Los Angeles interior designer Jamie Bush bedroom

When you walk into a room designed by Jamie, you feel like you can plop down and drift away. His results are stunning, and it’s no wonder Jamie’s work has been featured in over 70 publications worldwide, including Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Vogue, Elle Decor, Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times.

Minimalism is conducive to the mid-century architecture movement, and we have some good tips on using minimalist design if you’re a fan of open spaces, simplicity, and good use of light and shadows.

Brigette Romanek – LA’s Top Interior Designer

Originally from Chicago, Brigette headed West to fulfill her design dreams, ultimately opening Romanek Design Studio. Now another A-lister herself, she’s one of the top and in-demand interior designers in Los Angeles.

Top Los Angeles interior designer Brigette Romanek
Living room interior design

She’s been featured in Architectural Digest’s 2019 “AD 100,” which lists their picks for the one She’s been featured in Architectural Digest’s 2019 “AD 100,” which lists their picks for the one hundred best interior designers in the world.

She’s also been featured in several other top interior design magazines, including ELLE Decor, Architecture Design, and Business Of Home.

Los Angeles interior design of a backyard

Brigette considers her eclectic styles or liveable luxe. We find her sense of design fresh and pleasantly sparse while giving each room a personality.

Top los angeles interior designer Brigette Roamek living room

We also like how Brigette sneaks in whimsical touches to mix it up with traditional decor. Even with soft, muted colors, her talent makes a room pop and stand out.

This hits all the right notes with us making her one of our top 5 interior designers in Los Angeles.

Kelly Wearstler – LA’s Famous Interior Designer

Kelly Wearstler is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Los Angeles, renowned for creating stunning interiors. Her home in Beverly Hills, California, is a true reflection of her creativity and design style.

Kelly’s love for interiors extends beyond her personal space as she is also a well-known interior designer. One of her most recent projects was the Hollywood Proper Residences in Los Angeles.

Kelly goes large and bold, making eclecticism seem like it’s all part of the family. But nonetheless, her style remains stately.

The Hollywood Proper Residences was designed to cater to musicians, producers, writers, directors, and actors who visit Los Angeles every year to work on their projects.

Kelly Wearstler Interior Design was tasked with creating the interiors for the property’s residences and four penthouses ranging from 2,172 to 2,582 sq ft.

Kelly Wearstler ventured beyond her signature Hollywood Regency style to draw inspiration from the radiant essence of Los Angeles itself, weaving together the region’s sun-soaked climate and captivating narrative to craft an exquisite, neutral color scheme that sings with sophistication.

With bespoke wood flooring, impeccable cabinetry, and lustrous, polished metals, the suites exude a chic, modern vibe that is perfectly complemented by the artful balance of contemporary and vintage furniture and sculptures.

According to Kelly, the décor of the Hollywood Proper Residences is “my idea of California right now: modern and relaxed.” This statement perfectly captures the essence of her design philosophy. Kelly Wearstler’s designs are not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable.

Per her website; “Through an exploration of materiality, color, forms, and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic, and instinctual, she curates a wealth of experiences into every space.”

Top Los Angeles interior designer Kelley Wearstler

Among Kelly’s most notable commercial spaces are Santa Monica Proper Hotel, Austin Proper Hotel, San Francisco Proper Hotel, Four Seasons Anguilla, B.G. Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman, the Viceroy Hotels and Residences, and Westfield Century City.

Kelly Wearstler interior design living room

Kelly has also built her own design brand. Her flagship gallery on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood showcases her distinctive interior design studio and vintage furniture collection.

Kelly Wearstler interior design patio
Kelly Wearstler interior design dining

Kelly is the author of five design books and no surprise she’s been featured as one of the top and long-established interior designers in Elle Décor’s A-List, Architectural Digest’s AD100, and AD France AD100.

Other shout-outs for Kelly’s great designs come from AD Spain’s Top International Designer, Wallpaper Magazine Top 20 Designers, and Time Magazine, The Design 100.

Tatum Kendrick – Taking LA Design Scene by Storm

For someone starting out building tree houses in Maine, architecture and a knack for exciting spaces have always been in her DNA.

Tatum even has a background in psychology and sociology which makes sense – she’s all about telling the story of the person who lives in her designs.

Tatum’s list of press coverage says it all, and she’s another top-notch Los Angeles interior designer.

This includes Luxe Interior + Design, Modern Luxury Interiors, and the Los Angeles Times. Like our other top designers, the list goes on and on.

Los Angeles top interior designer Tatum Kendrick

Studio Hus

Starting her biz in Copenhagen, the world’s design capital, she founded Studio Hus. She relocated to Los Angeles two years later.

Studio Hus is now located in L.A.’s trendy Silver Lake neighborhood and consists of Tatum and her 7 personal design team.

Los Angeles interior designer living room

Tatum embraces wabi-sabi design, a Japanese term that finds beauty in imperfections. She has an eye for organic materials incorporating wabi-sabi, creating a subtle, comfortable feeling in her spaces. Something you can’t place your finger on it, but you can sure feel it all around you.

Los Angeles interior design for a kitchen

Pamela & Ramin Shamshiri – Dynamic Duo with Los Angeles Interior Design

One of the standout design firms in Los Angeles is Studio Shamshiri. Founded by brother-and-sister duo Pamela and Ramin Shamshiri, the studio specializes in designing homes that filter history through a multicultural lens.

Their belief that good design is the launching pad to a better life is reflected in their work, which has been praised by celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, and Anne Hathaway.

StudioShamshiri La Jolla residence kitchen

They’ve done restoration work on some of the most notable mid-century homes found in Los Angeles, and we have lots of them.

This includes famed modernist architects like A Quincy Jones, Stanford White, Nigel Coates, Rudolph Schindler, Myron Hunt, Buff & Hensman, and Andrew Geller.

Pamela and Ramin were also part of the four founding partners at Commune, where they received the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Award for their body of work completed from 2004 to 2015.

Studio Shamshiri Living room design
Studio Shamshiri bath interior design
Studio Shamshiri Master-Bath
Studio Shamshiri interior design for a Dining-Room

Committed to design that sustains a healthy environment, the studio is conscious of using natural, non-toxic materials and avoiding synthetic materials whenever possible.

Final Thoughts

Los Angeles has become a hub for interior design in recent years. The city’s design scene has boomed, with new shops and showrooms popping up every month.

This design renaissance is characterized by the wide range of visions and styles represented around the city. The relaxed aesthetic of California Style interior design, also known as “California Cool” or “California Casual,” is particularly popular in Los Angeles.

Overall, Los Angeles’ interior design scene is thriving, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next home renovation or simply want to explore the best of what the city has to offer, be sure to check out these awe-inspiring spaces designed by our top interior designers in Los Angeles.

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