Glamorize Your Home With Our 5 Top Interior Designers In Singapore

As one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, it’s no wonder that residents are turning to these top interior designers in Singapore to make their spaces unique and infused with personality. These are true visionaries, just like our top interior designers in Chicago.

When it comes to finding the best, there are a few names that come to mind like Elliot Barratt and Tom Ryan of Elliot James Interiors and the duo Ken Lee and Kate Deng, founders of Mr Shopper Studio. An odd name for sure, but their work speaks for itself.

What To Look For In A Singapore Interior Designer

When exploring the best interior designers, it is important to consider your individual needs and preferences. Are you looking for a modern or traditional style? Do you need help with a complete renovation or just a few updates?

It is also important to research the portfolio of each interior designer you are considering and read customer reviews to get a sense of their work. Our top designers should make this process easier for you.

Additionally, make sure to inquire about their availability and budget before making a decision. Lastly, be sure to choose a designer who speaks your language, whether it’s English, Mandarin, or any other language. Mandarin is widely spoken although being a former Crown Colony, you shouldn’t have much trouble in English.

From contemporary to minimalist, there is an array of designs to choose from. You can’t go wrong with our list of the top 5 interior design firms in Singapore, although we’d be neglectful to mention there are many others as Singapore is a mecca for design and style.

Elliot James Interiors

Located in Singapore and London, Elliot James Interiors offers clients access to award-winning luxury interior design services. Their highly experienced and professional team of architects and designers will turn your dreams into reality.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary modern design or something more classic, Elliot James Interiors has got you covered. This firm is a top choice if a luxurious design is your cup of tea.



We love how these interior designers utilize tones on the cooler side of things but give a splash of warmth from natural woods and translucent tones that lean on the brighter side.

You get to experience the attention to every detail, even in the smallest things – and they all add up in the big picture creating an edge of opulence.

Strong clean lines and verticals lead your eye around the space, and a contemporary design creates a luxe interior filled with subtle, soft furnishings.

The design team provides the perfect complement to your interior design, bringing in decorative accessories and styling techniques to tie together the aesthetic. This will help to add that final layer of your personality and character, ultimately giving the space a polished and refined feel.



The studio specializes in luxury interior design, and its work has been recognized globally. The design team at Elliot James Interiors has earned the accolade of “The Best Luxury Architect and Luxury Interior Design Studio in Singapore” from The Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2021 and “Residential House Under £1m Design” at the SBID International Design Awards 2018. This recognition was given due to their meticulous planning and dedication to realizing the client’s concepts.


Designed Design Associates

Designed Design Associates (DDA) is an award-winning interior design firm based in Singapore and Malaysia. With a unique blend of creative and technical abilities, DDA produces stunning designs for corporate, residential, and retail spaces.

Their forward-thinking approach to interior design incorporates sustainable materials, custom designs, and unique elements to make each project stand out.

The creative design team at DDA & Associates consists of experienced interior designers, architects, and contractors with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry.

They bring a wealth of knowledge, skill,, and expertise to each design project, incorporating elements of both modern and classic design. This allows them to create stunning, timeless designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Timelessness is worth mentioning again when it comes to the spaces they create. Beginning with an in-depth personality study of their clients, the crafted interiors each exude an atmosphere of closeness and fit perfectly with the client’s desired vision. Every room is an expression of the client’s vision.


A perfect example of their artistry can be seen at The Oval, a 4500-square-foot home in the business district of Jalan Tun Razlan. Skillfully mixing mid-century undertones with contemporary flare, we find ourselves in a welcoming, relaxing environment.

With warm colors surrounding the space, these rooms not only invite us in but want you to kick off your shoes, put your feet up and stay for a while.



DDA doesn’t fall short when it comes to acquiring industry recognition. This includes International Property Awards, Best Residential Interior Design, Singapore 2012 International Property Awards, Best of Houzz, and the Asia Pacific Property Award.

Mr Shopper Studio

Ken Lee and Kate Deng, driven by their passion for interior design, have achieved a decade of success in soft furnishings and interior styling, making them an extraordinary duo as one of the top interior designers in Singapore.

Ken and Kate, both inspired by their respective backgrounds in Business and Arts & Design, recognized the immense potential for growth and expansion when founding their firm.

They have made a lasting and undeniable impression on the clients they serve, making them one of our favorite and top interior designers in Singapore.

The company offers custom end-to-end renovation solutions leveraging the latest technology, enabling clients to take a virtual reality tour of their future homes before making the final decisions about colors, furniture, and accessories that best fit their desired aesthetic.



Their themes utilize subtlety in all aspects of their spaces, with soft colors that tilt towards monotone we get an elegance accented by the strong use of vertical lines – created with drapery, wall accents, and even the lighting.


The modern luxe interiors create a minimalist feel but don’t leave us feeling empty at all. We get a hint of yesterday’s sparseness with a modern-era design filled with comfortable, exquisite furnishings.


The pair along with their team has gathered quite an impressive list of accolades over these past few years. This includes Best of Houzz Design, 2019 Leading Designer LuxLife, voted Top 5 ID Firm in Singapore by Luxuo, and in 2022 Co-Founder, Kate was voted as one of the Top 14 Inspiring female designers in Singapore.

The Interior Lab

Two industry veterans boasting over a decade of experience created The Interior Lab, now grown to a team of thirty talented designers, all united in their commitment to producing the highest quality of design.


The savvy and experienced team has taken on a plethora of residential and commercial projects, passionately pioneering new ideas and diligently ensuring the utmost precision in their execution.

The Interior Lab has an eye for stunning designs that artfully combine form and function, integrating bespoke built-ins and furniture, along with customized finishes.


Clients can trust that their home is equipped with reliable and quality fittings, thanks to their careful selection of materials and accessories, as well as a certification as a designer company of renowned Austrian fittings manufacturer BLUM.



Leaning towards the darker shade of things, there’s a mystery within the shadows of these rooms, that this design firm carefully fills with detail and richness.

Whether the space is lit with the light from a window in another room or an accent light, we’re given just enough of a visual to want to further piece together the whole feeling these contemporary spaces create. Light and shadows blend harmoniously, ultimately bringing us a modern zen-like environment that offers peace and solitude.

If you like this simplicity with clean lines incorporated into gorgeous design and architecture, check out these amazing libraries around the world.


The Interior Lab has been at the forefront of the interior design industry for years. Their innovative approach to interior design and remodeling has earned them numerous awards and accolades from around the world.

This includes 2019 The Ten Best Interior Designers in Singapore, 2019 Voted by Homeowners: Top Singapore Interior Designers, and the 32 Best Interior Designers in Singapore, 2022.

Arete Culture

Arete Culture Singapore is an inspiring interior design firm with a passion for crafting beautiful and functional living spaces. From contemporary to traditional, this firm has created stunning interiors for its clients all over the world. Their impressive portfolio of work includes both residential and commercial projects.


Arete Culture was founded by Caroline Chin Geyler, starting from humble beginnings as a self-taught home stylist, who was then adored by the media for her sense of style, color, and character. This buzz brought her to the forefront as one of the top interior designers in Singapore.

Arete Culture Singapore is renowned for creating over 1,000 homes around the region. They are proud to be a multi-award-winning interior design and decorating group.

At Arete Culture, they empower their clients to take on their busy lifestyles, knowing that upon returning home they’ll find a haven to relax in peaceful bliss that they can truly call their own.


Bright and cheery, patterns and soft colors play off of each other in spaces that have plenty of elbow room. Although the rooms have a stylized busyness to them – nothing feels crowded in the room. Just more to enjoy when taking in the surroundings.


One flagship project is the Urban Loft, a luxurious and functional place to gather family and friends. The white and neutral color scheme offers an elegant look and sophisticated aesthetic.

Natural tones in wood and fabrics mesh together with a splash of color and soft furnishings to break up the room into smaller set pieces where each one has its own personality and story to tell. A laid-back feeling we get from some of our Los Angeles designers.


Arete Culture is front and center with accolades from the press year after year. This includes The best 25 interior designers in Singapore, Reader’s Choice Awards 2021 Winners, Singapore: Top 10 unique interior design projects, and a shoutout from Singapore News Live, “Home styling in Singapore? Here are 4 recommended stylists.”



With the help of some of the top interior designers in Singapore, you can turn your current home into one that looks straight out of a magazine. From Scandinavian-style decor to contemporary aesthetics, these experts in home decor will make sure that your home looks its absolute best.

From picking the right textures, colors, and patterns to designing the perfect layout, they’ll make sure that your home looks beautiful with understated luxury and a room that reflects a timeless era woven with your personality and style. You can read more about the best interior designers around the world here.

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