Top 5 Luxury Home Accessories That Include A Robot Watchdog

Luxury home accessories and decor have really lept forward with technology and the wow factor, as we wrote about on our top indoor garden products.

Now we’ll check out things that might not sustain your body but will do wonders to help with your quest to find the coolest things on the planet for your luxury home.

Tesla Powerwall


Tesla is a brand you can bank on being all things electric, not to be confused with their visionary leader Elon Musk, who is all things eccentric.

But hey, the Powerwall is just a great idea all the way around, especially since it can be charged from solar panels.

Tesla powerwall battery


This is basically a giant battery that stores energy for when you have a power outage.

Unlike gasoline generators, Powerwall keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel, or noise.

After all, who wants to feel your way around in the dark looking for the generator you probably have stored in the basement or outdoors?

This Powerwall just kicks on seamlessly, and you’re good to go. One Powerwall cell will run your lights and light appliances, whereas 3 of these should keep the whole house going.

Tesla powerwalls

With a footprint of approximately 45 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches deep, the Powerwall 2’s compact enough to easily find a place to install 2-3 of these, which seems to be the number most people purchase to run their homes.

There are lots of reasons you’ll want the Powerwall. You can connect to the grid as well as solar panels and in some municipals, you can sell back stored power to the utility company.

With Tesla’s app, you have total control when you want to use power from your batteries or the grid so during those peak hours when the electric company charges higher rates for usage, you can use your own stored power.

LG’s Rollable OLED TV


Looks like your TV’s remote now has a new trick up its sleeve. Imagine owning a 65-inch OLED TV with an 8k resolution that rolls up into a box on a base when you’re not binging on anything. Reality has arrived, with the LG Signature OLED R.

Luxury home accessories include this lg-signature-product-oled-tv-rx-rollable-design

Now you don’t have to take up wall space with your large screen TV, and if you have tons of glass in your stately home like floor-to-ceiling windows, this should be at the top of the list of luxury home accessories and decor.

With over 100 million self-lit sub-pixels, you get next-level TV viewing with deep blacks, and the richest colors, for the most realistic picture quality.


Gogoro Electric Scooter


In our arsenal of luxury home accessories, we find this roving work of art both stylish and practical. When it comes to accessorizing your lifestyle, this electric scooter rocks.

The Gogoro S2 Café Racer has all the beauty of a classic scooter from an old-timey Hollywood flick. However, the technology built into this scooter is far from yesteryear.

Acceleration is 0-30 in less than 4 seconds and comes with air-cushion seats, a BOSCH ABS brake system, an anti-theft security system, and is fully integrated with your smartphone.

Cafe Racer electric scooter
Gogoro scooter is a stylish luxury home accessory

These half-pint road warriors come with swappable batteries that are as easy to change out as switching milk cartons in the fridge.

Gogoro battery swap

In fact, swapping out your batteries is about a 6-second process. With a subscription, it’s like going to an ATM, just drive up, swap out your batteries with fully charged fresh ones and take off. Your next ride will get you about 105 miles.

Already popular in some East Asia countries like Taiwan, this country already has 1,930 GoStation sites in grocery stores and parking lots.

Smart Glass

US$50-100 per square foot.

It’s time to ditch the window shades and get with the program, Jetsetty style. So what’s smart glass? In a nutshell, it’s a glass panel that can go from being transparent to fully opaque with a flip of a switch or remote.

You can also get this with tinting features. It’s something you really need to see to believe which is what we have in this video.

The technology is inside the glass at the microscopic level, which reacts to an electric current to be either in a clear state or translucent.

You can even turn sections of a glass panel on and off, essentially controlling it like blinds. No need to swap out your existing windows either, as this can be applied as a film on your existing glass.

Spot, The Robot Dog


Boston Dynamics never ceases to amaze us (and anyone who follows them) with their stunning robotics, and Spot is finally ready for consumers to buy, rounding out our list of futuristic luxury home accessories.

Luxury home accessories include this Boston Dynamic

The retractable arm is an extension/accessory without it, he won’t be able to fetch you a beer out of the fridge but in lieu of his other bag of tricks, that can easily be overlooked.

Spot can do anything from carrying the load for you to keeping a watchful eye on the perimeter. In fact, Singapore deployed a fleet of Spots to patrol their city parks to make sure folks were social distancing. Nothing like a robotic dog that can tattle-tale on you.

Boston Dynamic

“We’ll let you slide this time kid, but don’t make me come back and haul you in.”

Speaking of social distancing, Spots have also found their way into the medical field. Fitted with an iPad and a two-way radio, doctors can remotely check in on patients. Go Spot!

If you’re not sure whether or not this dog’s for you, you can apply to test drive one for a while through the streets of San Francisco with a company called Formant, who will guide you via a Zoom call while you take Spot out for a nice urban walk.

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