Style We Love-5 Top Interior Designers In San Francisco

With such an eclectic palette of architecture to work with, It’s no wonder there’s no shortage of top interior designers in San Francisco – this is a dreamscape to these creatives.

With San Francisco’s hilly topology offering amazing views and an eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture, form and function have to handshake with all that lush nature. We’ve seen how other interior designers have masterfully meshed this in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for someone to complete your vision for your home vision in San Francisco, this post is a good shortlist, but we’ve found the city by the bay has one of the biggest pools of talent we’ve come across with interior designers.

So go ahead and be like a kid in a candy store and explore away, you’ll find lots of artistic beauty waiting to be discovered when looking for an interior designer in the bay area.

Julie Rootes

Known for her determined attention to detail, Julie personalizes interiors with memorable colors, textures, and custom moments. With her background as a buyer for Prada, luxe style with attention to detail is part of her DNA.

Julie rootes interior design kitchen

With her design degree earned from San Francisco’s Academy of Art, Julie is well acclimated to the local culture and environment, giving her an edge with the synergy she creates between interiors and nature.

Julie’s work has been featured in Luxe magazine, Traditional Home: Napa Valley Showhouse 2015, Refinery 29, and Rue Magazine to name a few.

dining room by windows
Julie rootes top interior designer in san francsico

In her interview with Rue magazine, Julie mentions her inspiration coming from Paris, where history and amazing architecture is perfectly preserved.

living area with tree outside the window

Throw in the endless creatives you’ll find in San Francisco and it’s easy to see how Julie taps into a plethora of resources to bring us awe-inspiring interior designs with these San Francisco homes.

What we love about Julie Rootes interior designs.

Julie creates a simplistic composition with clean lines and soothing colors that present each of her rooms with a metaphorical welcome mat.

We love how she pulls colors from the outside to tag her interiors, using shades of nature as an integral part of her designs.

Emilie Munroe

Top San Francisco interior designer Emilie Munroe cultivated her interior design and architecture talents under the mentorship of Jay Jeffers, a renowned interior designer, retailer, and author.

living room design with a view of mountains by top designer emilie munroe

Emilie has a wide range of projects from urban high-rise apartments to suburban homes to rural estates, and her collaborative spirit keeps her as diverse as her projects.

Her collaborative process includes reviewing Pinterest or Houzz image boards and discussing room function and lifestyle. Emilie never forgets to toss client personality into the mix for a design that’s tailor-fit for each client.

Boho interior design by top san francisco designer

Emilie’s work has also been featured in a couple of books including “On Style: Inspiration and Advice from The New Generation Of Interior Design.”

metro living room design
studio munroe living room design

Emilie Munroe’s work has also been featured in House Beautiful, Luxe Interiors + Design, Sunset, San Francisco magazine, California Home + Design, Wall Street Journal, Business of Home,,, Rue Magazine. That mentorship obviously paid off!

emelie munroe dining interior design
What we love about Emilie Munroe’s interior designs.

Emilie’s interiors have the bigness of a classic Hollywood set, we love how she utilizes cityscapes as a subtle backdrop while using her furniture choices to tether the room with the outside world.

Her colors keep you focused on the room at hand, while you still feel you’re somewhere epic. We’re glad she’s not afraid of heights!

Annie Lowengart

Inspiration came at an early age for Annie, crediting her aunt who was an interior designer in the ’70s and ’80s.

Segueing into wedding gown design, then getting an opportunity to handle the interior design for remodeled home, she finally found her groove, capitalizing on her strong sense of style.

Starting her design firm in 2000, Annie opened her second studio in tropical Palm Beach. While enjoying the inspirational beauty of both coasts, Annie and her team balance their designs with practicality.

blue library interior design by Annie Lowengart

The deep richness of Annie’s blue library carries the traditional style we see in some of our Chicago interior designers.

bedroom with chair by san francisco interior designer

We find the usual suspects when it comes to press and media with Annie – the top interior design magazines giving her ink and accolades, including Luxe Interior + Design, CA Home & Design, Marin magazine, Better Homes & Garden, and BOH. And that’s just a few of many.

stylish living room with fire

As noted in Luxe, Ann Lowengart never met an uninspiring room
she didn’t immediately want to resuscitate. Using an eclectic variety of rich color palettes and textures, she breathes life into each room she touches.

What we love about Annie Lowengart interior designs.

With Annie, it’s those little details that mean so much. Her interiors have a cozy and warm feeling, using colors to accent the details, where you start to see a story in each room.

We especially love how she uses subtle gloss paint on her blue library bringing the room to life and then creating a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful furniture choices. It takes true talent to create a home library where that room becomes the story.

David Oldroyd – ODADA

The talent at the ODADA team is second to none, built on decades of experience under the wing of principal and owner David Oldroyd.

ODADA san francisco interior design living area

David leads projects including private homes, hotels, corporate offices, and wineries. His own design philosophy is built on the modern re-statement of classical principles to create beautiful interiors that have an emotional impact on their occupants. This mindset elevates his team among the best when it comes to interior designers in San Francisco.

ODADA lounge with a view of the bridge

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, David expertly pulls in the shapes and forms that inspire him. As noted in a peaceful retreat he did in Woodside, he played with the architectural forms, at times choosing furniture and accessories to mimic the home’s crisp lines while also bringing in more organic shapes as a counterpoint.

“Almost every piece of furniture has an angle or slope,” he says. “But more natural shapes—such as the curvy chair legs or pebble-shaped poufs—bring in some softness.”

ODADA Central Park Interior design
bedroom interior design by ODADA

The firm’s work has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, The New York Times, Luxe: Interiors + Design, Interior Design, Objekt, Maison Française, House Beautiful, and Interiors.

Although we never found out what ODADA exactly means, in Turkish it means “in room” or “inside a room,” which seems to make sense for an interior designer. As the popular Turkish expression goes, “Odada küçük bir baykuş var,” which translates to “there is a small owl in the room.”

living room and dining area interior design

There must be a lot of owls in Turkey, or maybe David just knows adding an owl to his interior designs is all part of the magic we love in his work. After all, bringing nature into interior design is what we’re talking about here.

What we love about David Oldroyd’s interior designs.

We love mid-century modern design and David stays true to modernism where less is more. His highly stylistic rooms have those classic, larger-than-life verticles and horizontals presented in a minimalistic manner so we don’t miss out on the magnitude of the room.

While simplicity rules, David ensures we get a feeling of depth and richness with his use of subtle patterns and textures on the floors and walls.

Lauren Geremia

Don’t let Lauren’s youth fool you, she’s already on top of the interior design world in San Francisco, being called out by Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” and Architectural Digest’s “Ones to Watch.” Not a bad way to get noticed as a luxe interior designer.

living room by geremia interior design

With her fine arts background in concepts and designs, she maintains a strong relationship with fabricators, artists, and galleries so she has an ongoing stable of art and custom furniture to use in her work.

Her client list includes Dropbox and Instagram with projects extending from Los Angeles to New York. Other shout-outs for her amazing interiors come from Dwell, Luxe, Interior Design, Surface Magazine, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

garage with loft
sitting areas by window

With her pool of resources, her design team tailors a concept for each project that is expressed in every detail of the design – from custom furniture to commissioned artwork.

The result is a conduit between artists and interior design, implementing inventiveness and vision into every project executed.

rich bedroom interior design by Geremia

We’ve written about our favorite glamping spots, and we love how Lauren spearheaded the interior tent, Airstream, and cabin design of Autocamp, Yosemite.

Autocamp_tent design by top san francisco interior designer
airsteam exterior campground

This picturesque setting just outside Yosemite National Park makes it mandatory to have the skillset Lauren possesses for merging nature with luxurious interiors – even if we’re just talking about a tent.

What we love about Lauren Geremia interior designs.

It’s magical how Lauren uses light to enhance her rooms, knowing exactly where the sunshine hits her furniture. She takes this to the next level using color schemes that warm up when the sun’s rays pay a visit, adding a sophisticated element to the overall design.

We find her work on Autocamp stellar. We don’t miss how luxury can be incorporated with the great outdoors as we saw with our top African lodges.

The next time your glamping, be sure to raise a glass to those like Lauren that have made it possible to exceed your expectations with comfort and style.

In Conclusion

We love how these top interior designers in San Francisco are so attuned to their environment and harmoniously integrate these hilly and woodsy landscapes into their creations.

These interiors are as rich as the history of San Francisco and reflect the eclectic culture where so many trends began. With a city filled with architectural gems, these creatives invite us into rooms filled with love, vision, and charming style.

While we’re on the topic of cool San Francisco interiors, you’ll definitely want to check out this hidden bar forged from the city’s history.

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