Inspiring, Stylish E-Bikes That Will Turn Heads-Our Top 5

Stylish e-bikes are the way to go if you’re looking for a pedal-assist while cruising around and getting out for some fresh air. Seriously, Who are we kidding here? Does anyone really get an electric bicycle if they plan on having a heart-pounding workout and sweating like crazy? Our money’s betting on no.

Let’s step out of denial and embrace our taste for luxury and aesthetically pleasing design when it comes to e-bikes. You know who you are.

You’re someone who’s OK with being a connoisseur of world-class design and the envy of your peers.

You’re OK dropping $5,000 on functional art that you can peddle around – that works just fine for you, and if your cardio changes for the better because of this, it’s just icing on the cake. Hey, if you want to sweat, do as the celebrities do and go out and jump a mean rope.

Bicycles have always been synonymous with tinkering, and with riding bicycles being one of the world’s most popular past times, we still find ourselves surprised by who else has decided to monkey around with electric bikes.

Harley Davidson – Serial 1 E-Bike, US$3,399 to $4,999

Whaaat? How did the company that prides itself on creating urban noise step into “quiet town” with one of the most stylish e-bikes we’ve seen?

If you ask them, they’d most likely say their brand has always been about adventure on the road, the roar and rumble of the engines were just ancillary. But the common thread is that they’ve always been the purveyors of 2-wheelin’ style so the Serial 1 electric bike is just another way for you to enjoy the journey.

Harley- Davidson RUSH/CTY SPEED E-Bike, US$4,999

Providing electric assistance up to 28 mph, RUSH/CTY SPEED is the urban e-bike that will easily weave through obstacles with intelligent auto shifting on select models, a maintenance-free belt drive, and self-adjusting hydraulic brakes.

Serial-1-harley-davidson-top e-bike
rear view e-bike

Out of all our stylish e-bikes, this one might just look OK with playing cards in the spokes – in case you miss the noise. But, please don’t put streamers in the handlebars on a Harley-Davidson. There’s no upside.

Bosch/Trek Allant 9.9S E-Bike, US$5,999.99

We normally think of Bosch powering our dishwashers and refrigerators, but they’ve stepped outside the (refrigerator) box and applied their knowledge about motors and energy into the Trek Allant e-bike series.

The driving force is an ultra-powerful Bosch Performance Speed drive system that helps you sustain speeds of up to 28 mph and a SmartphoneHub controller that can be used with or without your phone. 

e-bike profile view

Trek finishes off the rest with a high-end carbon frame, a 12-speed Shimano XT/SLX drivetrain, powerful 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power, a Lync integrated front and rear lighting system, fenders, and a rear rack.

What really makes our e-bikes stylish is how the battery is concealed so they can maintain their sleek lines. Trek is no exception, but you can increase your range by seamlessly attaching a second long-range 500Wh Bosch battery to your bike’s down tube.

This gives you up to twice the distance and time between charges, should you want to show off your great taste in style a tad longer.

LeMond Prolog E-Bike, US$4,500

This everyday carbon fiber e-bike designed by Greg LeMond delivers relaxed racing geometry for easy handling and maneuverability, weighing in at a mere 26 pounds.

Considering it packs (and conceals) a battery that provides a range of 45 miles with 3 levels of assist, this is an impressive lightweight. The Prolog achieves a top speed of 20 mph via a 250 watt rear hub motor.

This stylish e-bike maintains its good looks on the trail as well assisted by an 11-speed Shimano drivetrain combined with a lightweight build, and you’ll get a range of about 45 miles on average.

A nice feature is a beautifully integrated with the sleek design is an “always-on” integrated 500-lumen headlight within the monocoque handlebar-stem.

With embedded rearward-facing LEDs in the bike’s dropped chainstays to increase rider visibility to other road users, you’ve got a top-notch commuter bike that walks the walk with looks and style.

Gogoro Eeyo 1S E-Bike, US$4,599

We’ve already mentioned Gogoro’s drop-dead gorgeous electric scooter, so no surprise lightning struck twice when they rolled out their Gogoro Eeyo electric bicycle. Another fashionable beauty to behold, weighing in at just 26 pounds.

So what’s under the hood? Actually, these sleek designs in our top 5 hide the battery in the carbon frame and conceal the motor on the rear wheel so a better place to look for the magic is going to be at the rear wheel.

Gogoro keeps the battery on the wheel as well. That’s an incredibly economical way of maintaining the style if we do say so ourselves.

Let’s get back to the performance. With eco-assist, you’ll get a range of around 45 miles (about 30 miles with full power assist) along with a top speed of 20 mph. The Eeyo brings the motor, battery, and sensors together into one incredibly smart and lightweight wheel. And it’s packed with the Gogoro technology we love.

This stylish e-bike self-locks itself if left unattended for a few minutes and comes with an intelligent app that syncs up with your phone or Apple watch.

Someone may run off with your e-bike, but they sure as heck won’t be riding off. Just remember to turn off the auto-lock on the app if your phone is about to die since they are tethered to each other.

Over the air updates bring new features to this e-bike, so you’ll always be able to capitalize on the greatest and latest technology that Gogoro is known for.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO, US$9,250

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL line can go up to almost US$17,000 but with their lineage going back to the early days of mountain biking, they have a long history of pairing coolness with bicycle technology.

Who actually invented the mountain bike is up in the air, but many will say Specialized invented the sport of mountain biking. With that said, you know this line of stylish e-bikes can shred both roads and mountains alike.

The Creo SL is the lightest e-bike in its class with a carbon frame and the lightweight SL 1.1 motor that offers as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to amplify your ride. 

It also has an optional range extender that provides up to 40 additional miles. Should you hit the flatlands, the turbo-assist will allow you to cruise up to 28 mph.

Specialized has over 2 decades of creative design culture, helmed by their Creative Director Robert Egger. Robert has a long history of creating some of the funkiest, awe-inspiring concept bicycles on the planet, so we wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

One of Egger’s crazy concept bikes

If your a fan of futurist bicycle design, then check out the Bicycle Design website.

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