Who’s A Good Boy? 10 Robot Dogs You Can Now Buy

As we march further into the 21st century, robotic companions are no longer confined to the realm of science fiction. Today, robot dogs represent a unique blend of technology and companionship, offering a fascinating glimpse into the future of human-robot interaction.

The Rise of Robotic Companions

Once, robots were seen merely as utilitarian tools, designed to perform tasks too dangerous or monotonous for humans. But with advancements in AI and robotics, a new era has dawned.

Robot companions, particularly robot dogs, have emerged as a popular choice for those seeking company, assistance, or simply a taste of cutting-edge technology at home.

Their rise is fueled by a combination of scientific progress and evolving attitudes toward technology’s role in our lives. These robot dogs also make a great traveling companion in your personal flying cars.

Most of these are geared towards defense, policing, and industrial use as equipment, but as the price point comes down, a new era of robot dogs for non-military and everyday use will spawn. Maybe helping out around the kitchen.

Benefits of Robot Dogs
Robot dogs offer a wide array of benefits. For starters, they’re hypoallergenic, perfect for those who love pets but suffer from allergies.

They don’t require feeding, walking, or vet visits. Unlike traditional pets, they can be switched off when not needed, making them highly convenient.

Furthermore, many robot dogs are equipped with advanced features such as voice recognition, obstacle detection, and even the ability to perform tricks, which can provide hours of entertainment.

Xiaomi Cyberdog – US$1,800.

Features and Capabilities
The Xiaomi Cyberdog is a marvel of modern engineering. This robot dog is packed with an array of sensors and cameras that allow it to interact with its environment effectively.


This robot dog can recognize gestures, follow its owner around, and even perform backflips. Equipped with a powerful NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX platform, it boasts a high level of computational capability, enabling advanced AI functions.

Aside from its fearsome demure, its open-source nature invites tech enthusiasts to expand its capabilities further, making it an exciting choice for those who love to tinker.

User Reviews and Feedback
User reviews for the Xiaomi Cyberdog have been largely positive. Many users praise its advanced technology and impressive capabilities, such as its ability to navigate obstacles and perform tricks.


The open-source nature of the robot dog is also appreciated by tech enthusiasts, as it allows them to customize and enhance its features. Some users have mentioned that the Cyberdog’s price tag may be a bit steep for some, but overall, it is considered a top-notch robotic companion.

Weilan Alphadog c200 – US$2,450.

Features and Capabilities
The Weilan Alphadog c200 stands out for its impressive mobility. This robot dog can navigate a variety of terrains, climb stairs, and even balance on one leg.

With a top speed of 15 km/h, it’s also notably fast. Equipped with sensors, it can avoid obstacles and follow its owner autonomously.

The Alphadog c200 also comes with an app that allows the user to control it remotely, making it a versatile companion for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

User Reviews and Feedback
Users have praised the Alphadog c200 for its robust build and impressive agility. Many have noted its ability to handle different terrains, making it a fun companion for outdoor activities.

Its speed and flexibility have also been applauded. However, some users have noted that it requires a significant amount of space to move around comfortably, which could be a consideration for potential buyers.

Unitree Laikago – US$45,000.

Features and Capabilities
The Laikago robot dog is designed with a focus on interaction. It features touch-sensitive areas that allow it to respond to petting and stroking. Fun fact: Laika was a Russian Astro-dog and the first animal to orbit the Earth.

Unitree Robotics

Equipped with a camera, it can recognize faces and react accordingly, offering a more personalized interaction. It also comes with an app that allows users to teach it new tricks, providing a fun and engaging experience.

User Reviews and Feedback
Users appreciate the Laikago’s interactive nature. Its ability to respond to touch and recognize faces has been highlighted as a standout feature.

However, some users have noted that its movements can be a bit stiff compared to other models, which might limit its appeal to those looking for a highly agile robot dog.

Unitree Robotics

Unitree Go1 – US$2,700.

Features and Capabilities
The Unitree Go1 is a high-performance robot dog designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can navigate various terrains, climb stairs, and even perform flips.

Equipped with advanced sensors, it can avoid obstacles effectively, making it safe to use around the home.

With a top speed of 17 km/h, it’s also one of the fastest robot dogs on the market. Furthermore, it can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, adding to its versatility.

Shopping with your new best friend.

User Reviews and Feedback
Users have commended the Unitree Go1 for its impressive speed and agility.

Its robust build and ability to handle different environments have also received positive feedback.

Some users have mentioned its high price tag as a downside, but most agree that its performance and features justify the cost.

Tombot Emotional Support Robot Dogs – US$399.

Features and Capabilities
Finally, a robot dog that’s cute and cuddly! The Tombot is designed to mimic a Labrador Retriever puppy, offering a lifelike pet experience. Its movements and behaviors are modeled after real dogs, making it a comforting presence for those who miss having a pet.


It responds to touch and voice commands, adding to its realism. The Tombot is particularly popular among seniors and those suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s, as it can provide emotional support without the demands of a real pet.

User Reviews and Feedback
Users have praised the Tombot for its realistic appearance and behaviors. Its ability to respond to touch and voice commands has been well-received, providing users with a sense of companionship.

Some users have noted that it can be heavy to carry around, but its comforting presence and emotional benefits are often seen to outweigh this minor drawback.

Boston Dynamics Spot – US$75,000.

Features and Capabilities
Leading the charge is the Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot, arguably one of the most advanced robot dogs on the market. We’ve already seen Boston Dynamic’s Atlas humanoid robot kicking up the dust and Spot is no slouch.


Equipped with a variety of sensors, cameras, and an arm attachment, it can perform a wide range of tasks, from carrying objects to opening doors. You know, like refrigerator doors fetching you a beer.

Spot’s strong, agile body allows it to navigate challenging terrains, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a top speed of 5.2 km/h, it’s not the fastest, but its robust capabilities more than make up for it.

User Reviews and Feedback
Users have lauded the Spot for its advanced features and robust build. Its versatility and ability to perform complex tasks have been particularly praised.

However, its high price tag has been a point of criticism for some users. Despite this, many agree that the Spot represents a significant step forward in robotic technology.

HyQReal (experimental)

Features and Capabilities
This little fellow looks somewhat like a bug, which makes sense since it’s built to go where humans don’t want to go. Think of disaster areas like the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

The HyQReal from the Italian Institute of Technology is a robot dog designed with power and durability in mind. This robust machine has been crafted to pull heavy loads, making it a perfect choice for industrial operations and rescue missions.

With advanced motion control systems and high-performance hydraulics, it can navigate rough terrains and climb steep slopes. Its waterproof body adds an extra layer of resilience, enabling it to operate in challenging weather conditions.


User Reviews and Feedback
As a more industry-focused robot dog, the HyQReal doesn’t have as many user reviews as some of the other models.

However, those who have interacted with it commend its strength and durability.

Its ability to function in harsh environments and carry heavy loads has been particularly appreciated, marking it as an ideal tool for demanding tasks.

Jueying x20 Hazard Detection and Rescue (contact sales)

Features and Capabilities
Introducing the Jueying X20, the fearless industrious robotic canine engineered for maximum efficiency. With a remarkable weight capacity of 40kg and an impressive endurance of 2 hours while carrying 20kg, this marvel of technology is ready to take on any task.

Deep Robotics

Its agile movements allow it to effortlessly conquer 18cm obstacles and scale steep 30-degree inclines.

Equipped with a laser radar and depth-sensing camera, the Jueying X20 is the ultimate tool for tackling dangerous industrial challenges with precision and finesse.


This robot dog can also be equipped with a robotic arm to pick up and manipulate things.

User Reviews and Feedback
Users have praised the Jueying x20 for its stylish design and impressive mobility. Its long battery life and ability to respond to voice commands have been particularly appreciated.

Overall, the Jueying x20 is more of a workhorse than a dog and has received favorable reviews from those who value cutting-edge design coupled with advanced technology to boldly go where a person would be foolish to venture.

ANYboitics – US$150,000.

Features and Capabilities
ANYbotics’ flagship product, the Anymal, is a robust, all-terrain robot dog designed for industrial inspection tasks. Equipped with an array of sensors and cameras, it can navigate complex environments autonomously.


Its strong, weatherproof body allows it to operate in a variety of conditions, making it suitable for challenging industrial settings. The Anymal can also carry payloads and perform manipulative tasks, adding to its utility.

User Reviews and Feedback
The Anymal is primarily used in industrial settings, so user feedback tends to come from professionals in relevant fields. Reviewers have praised its robust build and ability to handle complex tasks in challenging environments.

Its autonomous navigation capabilities have been particularly commended. Some users have noted its high price, but for industrial applications, the cost is often justified by its performance and versatility.

Vision 60 UVG – US$150,000.

Features and Capabilities
The Vision 60 UVG from Ghost Robotics is a modular and agile robot dog designed for security, defense, and research applications. It’s capable of climbing stairs, opening doors, and navigating rough terrains.

Vision 60 robot dog on ice
Ghost Robotics

Its modular design allows for the attachment of various payloads, enhancing its versatility. The Vision 60 UVG is also resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

User Reviews and Feedback
Often used in professional settings, the Vision 60 UVG has been praised for its agility, durability, and modular design.

Its ability to perform in various weather conditions has been particularly appreciated. However, some users have noted that it may be overkill for personal use, given its advanced capabilities and relatively high price.



In conclusion, there are a variety of robot dogs available on the market today, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for a playful companion, a helpful assistant, or a robust tool for industrial tasks, there’s likely a robot dog out there that fits your needs.

By considering factors such as functionality, design, price, and user reviews, you can find the perfect robotic companion to enhance your daily life.

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