Giddyup On Outa There! Our Top 5 Quick Hotel Checkout Tips

We get it. You wanna mosey down that dusty road, quick-like. No chit-chat with the barkeep, just leave some silver coins for the shut-eye and saddle up.

Good news partner, It’s still that easy. Here are a few quick hotel checkout tips that’ll cut to the chase.

Use Kiosks

Nearly a quarter of all US hoteliers have already taken their properties to use cloud-based management, and they’re switching to this technology all for little ‘ol you.

This means many hotels are now using Kiosks for quick check-in/check-outs and you might want to find a hotel that has these.

So where in the world do I start? How about here, this manufacturer of hotel kiosks shows you some hotels that have put their kiosks to good use.

No doubt any one of these luxury hotels in New York or Miami will be dialed in with this technology as well.

Glenapp Castle uses a kiosk for quick checkouts

Even the Glenapp Castle in Scotland uses a kiosk for a quick getaway to the highlands.

Gary Isenberg, president of asset and property management services for LW Hospitality Advisors, said a successful check-in is not only fast but also engaging for guests. You know what else guests like? A really comfy bed.

The same goes for checkouts. Most people are “so done” mentally when it’s time to leave and they just want to get back to their routines. Check-outs should be automated with technology and fast. So where’s a good robot when you need one?

Use Robots

You thought we were kidding. At the Henn na Hotel, in the town of Sasebo, near Nagasaki, Japan, the robots lead the way.

When you enter, a robot velociraptor greets you at the front desk.
It then asks you to check-in on a touchscreen. When you get to your room, you’ll unlock the door with face recognition.

A robotic velociraptor to expedite your checkout experience
A robotic velociraptor to expedite your experience. Is this really a good idea?

A robot in the room (named Churi San) controls the heating and lighting, tells you the weather, and more.

There Should Be an App For That

By now if a hotel has indoor plumbing, they should also have rocketed into the 21st century with an app for quick hotel checkout.

The MGM Resorts Mobile App has a variety of features, including mobile check-in and check-out. Using the MGM Resorts App, M life Rewards members can check-in early from almost anywhere, anytime. You are then notified when your room is ready.

MGM resort uses an app for a quick hotel checkout.

Check Your Itemized Receipt

Checking out means just that, not “I’ll be wasting a good part of my life because of a mistake on my receipt, and now look, I’m back and haven’t really left yet!”

Yeah, that’s not quick-like. So take your time to read over the items you’re being charged for. It’s not uncommon for hotels to make mistakes.

Be Nice

Unless there’s a robot being the front desk, a little kindness will go a long way in getting out quickly.

Real humans understand you have planes to catch and places to be and it’s easier for them to focus on checking you out quickly when they’re basking in your niceness.


“Easy fella. I’m not being short with you!”

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