Heavenly Days at Hotel Florence Bellagio, Italy

Imagine waking up to the stunning views of a sparkling lake, surrounded by lush gardens and historic villas. Imagine strolling through charming alleys, browsing boutiques, and dining in delightful restaurants.

Cobblestone streets and the charm of historic Bellagio.

This is what you can expect when you choose to stay at Hotel Florence Bellagio, a premier destination on Lake Como. The beauty of the location, combined with the exceptional amenities and services of the hotel, make this a transcendent getaway.

The Rich History of the Hotel

Hotel Florence, located in the heart of Bellagio, Italy, is a place steeped in history and old-world charm. The hotel was built on the house of the Captain of the Lario in 1870, where the good Captain’s job was to chase away pirates and smugglers.

Situated on Bellagio’s bustling waterfront, the Hotel Florence offers guests an enchanting view of Lake Como. The hotel exudes a touch of antiquity with its Chinese vases, velvet armchairs, and wooden furniture, all reminiscent of a bygone era.


Despite its age, Hotel Florence has managed to keep up with the times, offering modern amenities such as a restaurant and a wellness area for its guests.

Bellagio is world-renowned for its picturesque waterfront villas, with Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi serving as stunning examples of the Italian Riviera’s beauty.

However, it’s not just these grand structures that make the town famous. Bellagio is also known for its small, yet charming alleys filled with shops, boutiques, and restaurants, and Hotel Florence is right at the heart of it all.

The hotel is only steps away from the shores of Lake Como, providing guests with easy access to the lake’s serene beauty.

How Much Does it cost to stay at Hotel Florence, Bellagio?

As of 2023, the price for a stay at Hotel Florence starts at approximately US$180.00 per night (€ 165,00), a reasonable price considering its prime location and historical significance.

Overview of the 3-Star Hotel Florence Bellagio and Lake Como

Hotel Florence Bellagio provides an idyllic retreat for travelers seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and natural beauty. With its 30 guest rooms and prime position near Lido di Bellagio, this hotel promises a memorable stay.

At a moderate distance from La Punta Spartivento Park, guests can easily access the scenic splendors of the region.

Classic Italian architecture at Lido di Bellagio.

Staying at Hotel Florence Bellagio means immersing yourself in the central lake area, known for its breathtaking landscape and architectural marvels.

The hotel is conveniently located just 700 feet away from Torre delle Arti and 41 miles from Orio Al Serio airport. It stands as a testament to the charm and allure of the Pearl of Lake Como – Bellagio.

Amenities and Services at Hotel Florence Bellagio

Hotel Florence Bellagio offers a variety of room options to suit different needs and preferences. All rooms are thoughtfully designed, blending elegance with comfort.

Along with 24-hour front desk service, room service, a concierge, and a hot tub, they also throw in a free breakfast, where there’s no better terrace to enjoy your morning juice and croissant.


The hotel also features a restaurant and a lounge. and the staff at the hotel speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. 

Rooms at Hotel Florence

Every room boasts distinctive furnishings handcrafted by talented local artisans, elegantly arranged in a timeless yet cozy ambiance. Hotel Florence Bellagio offers 3 types of accommodations:

  • The Standard room – offering picturesque town or lake vistas;
  • The Superior room – boasts expansive dimensions and a stunning lake view, complete with a balcony or terrace;
  • The Suite – features a private sitting room and a captivating lake view, complemented by a balcony or terrace.

Let’s talk about The Suite at Hotel Florence, Bellagio

All things considered; this top-of-the-line lodging comes at a very attainable price – about US$350 per night (€ 320,00). Let’s take a closer look at why we love this room so much.

Aside from the private living room giving you decent elbow room, the lake view from the private terrace is the golden ticket, hands down.

Photo: Hotel Florence Bellagio

When we talk about Lake Como, we often mention the likes of George Clooney, Madonna, and Sylvester Stallion, all of who have made this slice of heaven their second home (or 3rd, or 4th…we lose track). But you get the point.

Photo: Hotel Florence Bellagio
Photo: Hotel Florence Bellagio

You get to stay at the exact same celeb location with the same killer views for a price paid by an everyday frugal traveler. The Suites are eclectically artsy, which just mirrors the same charm and vibe that echoes throughout Bellagio.

Dining Options

At Hotel Florence Bellagio, culinary delights await. Simply known as the hotel restaurant this on-site Florence restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes, allowing guests to savor the flavors of the region without leaving the comfort of the hotel.

For those craving a taste of Mediterranean cuisine, a pizzeria is also available within the premises. You can enjoy your meal in 2 locations, the large indoor hall or the lakeside garden, overlooking Lake Como and the Alps.

Italian pizza done right.
Filet of Fassona Piemontese with Cardoncelli Mushrooms and Butter Café de Paris.

In the Spring and Summer, the Wisteria trees are in full bloom creating one of the most sought-after café experiences on the planet. In fact, this terrace dining made our list of 10 of the most beautiful cafes in the world.


If outdoors doesn’t work for you, the indoor hall also has bragging rights. The expansive hall showcases 19th-century vaults adorned with preserved original details from that era.

The atmosphere conveys understated elegance, with its functional layout spanning across multiple levels.

Spa and Wellness Facilities

While the hotel does not directly advertise spa and wellness facilities, the tranquil setting and attentive service contribute to a holistic sense of well-being.

After a day spent exploring Lake Como, returning to the peaceful ambiance of Hotel Florence Bellagio feels like a wellness retreat in itself.

There is a private spa area guests can book allowing a maximum of 2 people and is equipped with a whirlpool, sauna, and Turkish bath.

If for some reason staring off into the lake and mountains stresses you out, you might want to try this planet. We always say there’s a place for every traveler!

Things to do while staying at Hotel Florence, Bellagio

The hotel’s proximity to Lake Como and other attractions opens up a world of outdoor activities. Whether you wish to stroll through the Parco di Villa Serbelloni, visit the charming La Punta Spartivento, or explore the local shops and boutiques, there’s always something to do.

Notably, many travelers enjoy visiting nearby historical sites such as Menaggio, The Anglican Church of the Ascension, and Sacri Monti (Sacred Mountains).

Parco di Villa Serbelloni
Covering an extensive area of approximately 18 hectares (44 acres), Parco di Villa Serbelloni offers visitors a captivating blend of lush gardens, scenic trails, and breathtaking vistas.


The park boasts a diverse collection of flora, including ancient trees, colorful flowers, and manicured lawns, providing a tranquil and enchanting setting for leisurely walks and relaxation.

As you explore the park’s winding pathways, you are treated to magnificent views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. From elevated vantage points, one can admire the shimmering waters, charming villages, and cascading landscapes that characterize this iconic region.

La Punta Spartivento
Located at the pinnacle of the Bellagio peninsula, just a short 10-minute uphill stroll from the ferry terminal, this park offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the lake, where Lake Como and Lake Lecco converge.


It presents an ideal vantage point to absorb the sheer beauty of the surroundings, making it a perfect spot for contemplation and appreciation.

This is a charming town located on the western shore of Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy. It is considered one of the most picturesque and popular destinations in the region.

With its stunning lake views, scenic landscapes, and rich history, Menaggio is a must-see travel destination if you find yourself in Italy.


Nestled amidst the foothills of the Alps, Menaggio offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The town is characterized by its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and a delightful waterfront promenade that stretches along the lake.

This promenade, known as Lungolago, is a bustling hub where locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy the serene atmosphere, relax in cafes, or embark on boat trips to explore the lake.

Beyond sightseeing, Lake Como offers a plethora of water sports and outdoor activities. From boating and fishing to hiking and cycling, there’s something for every adventure enthusiast.

The hotel’s convenient location allows easy access to these activities, making it an ideal base for outdoor enthusiasts.

Planning Your Stay at Hotel Florence Bellagio
Booking a room at Hotel Florence Bellagio is straightforward and hassle-free. Guests can review the accommodation options and choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

As we mentioned, the hotel staff, speaking multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, is always ready to assist with any booking inquiries or special requests.

Transportation Options
Reaching Hotel Florence Bellagio is easy to get to due to its strategic location. The hotel is a short distance from the Piazza Mazzini bus stop, making it convenient for guests using public transportation. Those arriving by air will find it a manageable 41-mile journey from Orio Al Serio airport.

Recommended Itineraries
Bellagio offers a wealth of attractions and activities. Guests can plan their itinerary based on their interests, whether they prefer exploring historical sites, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply relaxing by the lake.

The hotel staff is more than happy to provide recommendations and help guests plan their stay, and you’ll find the staff top-notch in every way.

Final Thoughts on Hotel Florence Bellagio and Lake Como

Choosing to stay at Hotel Florence Bellagio ensures a truly remarkable experience in one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy.

With its stunning location, impeccable service, and luxurious amenities, the hotel offers everything needed for an unforgettable retreat.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a peaceful escape, or just want to experience a relaxing glass of wine at one of the world’s most beautiful cafes, Hotel Florence Bellagio is the perfect choice.

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