Best Days To Book Your Next Hotel Room

Let’s pretend you’re on that next flight to Mars. Did you book your hotel room for that space trip 3 days ago? Not likely. First, you went through a plethora of training and that was probably years in advance.

So let’s put this in perspective because being a hotel booking wizard and squeezing every last dollar out of a deal should be your MO- a trained expert in that mysterious art known as booking a room.

You want the doorman slipping you inside tips on the horses and strangers tipping their hats to you as you approach the front desk.

You are the ONE.

According to a recent Kayak global hotel study, actually booking later can be better. Booking your hotel room 1-3 days in advance of your stay can save you between $15-20 per night when you’re staying somewhere in the US.

For international trips, booking a room in as little as 6 days ahead for a shorter stay can help you save around $6/night. See? Being an early bird gets you no worm here.

Space X rocket

Also, don’t email us saying you came to town to watch the Olympics and we said “waiting the day before to book a room was going to save you money…” Remember, being the ONE means you wield the powers of common sense.

concierge desk in hotel lobby

Furthermore, this study by Kayak finds hotel prices are at their peak Monday through Wednesday, for both domestic and international destinations. As you approach the weekend, we see these prices start to decrease. Your best bet then is to book on Fridays and Saturdays.

Checking in on a Friday or Saturday and checking out on a Sunday is the most expensive option for your stay.

So if you have a bit of flexibility with your dates, consider checking in on a Sunday (when hotel prices are at their lowest) instead of checking out that day (when they’re at their highest). See how easy it is mastering booking?

Here are some other quick stats from the study to help you hone in on your skill-

Length Of StayWhen To BookLength Of StayWhen To Book
1-3 Days1-3 Days in Advance1-3 Days6 Days in Advance
1-2 Week Stays1-3 Days in Advance1-2 Week Stays2 Weeks in Advance
2+ Week Stays6 Days in Advance2+ Week Stays4 Weeks in Advance
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