Elon Musk Lists All His Homes-Is A Space House Next?

Well, it looks like Elon Musk has decided to sell all his houses and head for the hills. The only question is, the hills on which planet?

If we’ve said it once we’ll say it again. Studies show that Experiences beat owning stuff, hands down. Since Elon owns SpaceX, his very own spaceship company, it’s safe to say he’s trading it all in to focus more on exciting experiences – here and on Mars.


Hilton & Hyland

entrance to home

Hilton & Hyland

The count seems to be seven houses and they are listed as “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO’s). Gotta say we’re having a hard time picturing him walking a buyer through his home, pointing out the custom cabinets accentuated by the matching secret launch pad.

With a residential portfolio of about US$100 million now listed, Elon says he’s OK with renting.  With a net worth of over US$39 billion, we’ll call him a well-qualified tenant.

No doubt serious vetting takes place before one is allowed to venture into one of his mansions.  Or maybe you just need to whisper “Clooney” at the gated entry.

Elon Musk
Interior living room

Hilton & Hyland

In a tweet on May 1st, Elon stated “I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house.” This was followed by a tweet that his girlfriend is mad at him. Which in turn means her 1.4 million followers are also mad at him.

He also says possessions just weigh you down, which also might be an indication he’s looking for some “weightlessness.” Hmm, where do suppose one might find that?

Elon Musk


Stairs going into mansion


At least the guy knows how to package a deal, spending years tying up four of the Bel Aire homes within steps of each other so he could sell them in their entirety as a compound.

Refusing to use a Realtor, these four houses can be bought at a mere US$62.5 million. So we’ll fly our metaphorical “sadness” flag at half-mast for those Million Dollar Realtors who won’t be sharing a US$2.5 million commission on all 7 homes.

Elon Musk home on a hill


Elon says he bought these adjacent four Bel Aire homes for better privacy – too many people trying to climb over his wall. And you thought the Brady Bunch house had a privacy problem.

It looks like Elon might have a game plan to head to Mars for a quieter life. Being the forward thinker he is, he made sure he owned all the spaceships available (at least for the mere consumer), just in case you were thinking of heading to space to try to hop over his wall on Mars. C’mon people, stay off his damn wall!


These paparazzi don’t give up, do they?

Just an FYI, to back up our half-baked theories about what’s next for Elon Musk, did you notice something odd at the (almost) historic launch of the Dragon Spaceship? He was wearing a suit . . . and space boots!

Not quite as hip looking as these space boots by Reebok, but still, it captures the imagination.

Here’s a cool little fun fact for you. That beeping sound you here between conversations with ground control and the astronauts actually has a name. It’s called a Quindar tone. This purpose is to trigger the ground station transmitters when there is an outgoing transmission from Earth.

Elon Musk in boots

The person in Mission Control, who is taking care of communications (CapCom) with the crew, uses the communication gear in a Push-To-Talk mode, which means that the CapCom presses a button every time when they want to talk. Listen to it here.

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