Hot Property Sells for $150 Million, Jethro Fits It All In His Mattress

This mansion’s exterior, which was used in the long running TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies,” has become one hot property. Smokin’ hot.

Chartwell-Estate from above

In fact, we are now looking at the highest home sale in California to date. There is something profound that Jed Clampett, the star of the show knew all along.

California is the place you want to be! By the way, we’re kidding about the mattress. But not the part about this being one hot property.

Beverly Hillbillies
Who Bought The Beverly Hillbillies Homes?

So who has US150 mil to drop on this magnificent crown jewel of Beverly Hills? None other than Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s son and co-chairman of the News Corp. publishing company. Now back to the nuts and bolts of the property.

Built in 1933, the estate is now called the Chartwell. The main residence was built in the French neoclassical style and has approximately 25,000 square feet of living space that sits upon 10 acres of land covered with sculpted gardens, fountains, grassy lawns, and a 75-foot swimming pool.

Other amenities include a ballroom, a world-class wine cellar, a formal salon, a period-paneled dining room, a tennis court and covered parking for 40 cars. You know, in case 40 of your closest friends drop by all at once and street parking is scarce.

Chartwell-Estate exterior from above
Who Designed The Beverly Hillbillies House?

The architect was Sumner Spaulding who was also famous for his designs on He is best known for designing another hot property, the Harold Lloyd Estate, a.k.a. Greenacres, in Beverly Hills, California. Spaulding also designed the Catalina Casino in Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.

A little fun fact – Casini is the plural of casino, which in Italian means “small house.” Originally, a casino was just a gathering place like a clubhouse.

Throw in some alcohol, smoking, and gambling, then mayhem ensues into what we now know as casinos. People, right?
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Chartwell Estate

The Chartwell estate’s past owner was the late billionaire TV executive and Univision head Jerry Perenchio. He purchased the estate in 1986 and this was actually listed at a whopping US$350 million.

Hopefully, you’ll recall our article about list price meaning nothing and I think it’s safe to say this was more than a price chop.

It’s more like that number was tossed into a tree shredder. Still, US$150 million is nothing to cry about.

Hang in there, Harold Lloyd, aka the “human fly.” As far as we’re concerned, Greenacres is still the place to be!

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