Health Benefits Of Sunlight – You Do Want To Go To The Light

Those who have had near-death experiences will tell you that eternal bliss is just down the hall and into the light.

Now science has shown that there are health benefits of sunlight that might keep you frolicking on Earth for a bit longer. So it’s now OK, go ahead into the light and get some sun.

Ad we talked about chromotherapy, we know different types of light affect our moods and possibly our health but new medical breakthroughs are using light in amazing ways to heal and stave off diseases.

When particles of sunlight hit the skin, they’re absorbed by light-sensitive molecules inside cells, which kick-start a response. That response varies, depending on the wavelength, or color, of light and where it’s used.

For instance, when longer wavelength or visibly “red” light hits the skin, it nudges mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouses) to make energy more efficiently and boost production of healing anti-inflammatories or disease-fighting antioxidants. This is a good example of the health benefits of sunlight.

The University of Arizona has shown green light therapy does wonders for migraines headaches and blue light is routinely used to treat acne.

The medical profession also uses ultraviolet light for disinfection and sterilization without the use of chemicals. Ultraviolet light is also used to destroy bacteria and viruses. Go light!

Sunlight as a healthy source of vitamins

Did you know there are other health benefits of sunlight? For instance, it’s an excellent source of vitamin D. Vitamin D has many roles in the body and is essential for optimal health.

For example, it instructs the cells in your gut to absorb calcium and phosphorus — two minerals that are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

A lack of this essential vitamin can cause all kinds of trouble in that paradise we call our bodies, including death. Ouch. Remember, too much sun will cause serious damage, if not kill you too.

A good rule of thumb is Midday is the best time to get vitamin D, as the sun is at its highest point and your body may manufacture it most efficiently around that time of day. This means you may need less time in the sunlight at midday.

Healing benefits of sun llght

Vitamin D is on the house!

So what does moonlight give us?

Mainly, just something to look at in the sky still the sun comes up again, or a place for astronauts to hang out.

It actually serves a greater purpose with our tides and eco-system but it won’t clear up your skin.


We’d suggest heading over to our Beauty page for tips on keeping your skin looking great. In the meantime enjoy the health benefits of sunlight – in moderation and with care.

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