Our Top 5 Virtual Reality Tours You Can Experience From Home

If you love experiencing art, culture, and far-away places then you’ll want to know about Google’s Arts & Culture Institute. You literally have access to hundreds of art galleries and 360° virtual reality tours of places and things that you love. And it’s all online.

From watching great artworks come alive to nearly getting stepped on by a giant dinosaur, our top 5 virtual reality tours let you explore these worlds without those clunky goggles – or the danger of really being there.

It’s easy to watch these on your desktop and through a mobile device. The mobile device is great because you can easily view the 3D space just by moving your phone around.

What’s it like inside A Space Shuttle?

Talk about one wild ride, taking a tour through the space shuttle is about as good as leaving this planet gets, for most of us anyway. And if pushing buttons is your thing, then this might be your destiny.

Space shuttle in a virtual reality tour

You’ll feel the cramped, tight quarters, which makes us wonder what kind of carry-on they take with them. Is it the Rimowa Cabin S? Here’s a list of what they do actually get to bring on board –

NASA instructor and engineer Robert Frost provide some insight in a response on Quora.

Here’s the packing list:

1 pair of shoes for the treadmill
1 pair of shoes for the bike
1 pair of exercise shorts for every 3 days of exercise
1 T-shirt for every 3 days of exercise
1 work shirt for every 10 days
1 T-shirt for under the workshirt every 10 days
1 pair of work pants/shorts for every 10 days
1 pair of underwear for every 2 days
1 pair of socks for every 2 days
2 sweaters
2 pairs of Russian overalls (optional)…hmm, is this just in case they jump ship and join the Sputnik?

Bruegel: A Fall With The Rebel Angels

This famous painting brought to life is by Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The image highlights the first confrontation between good and evil and tells a telling tale of heaven and earth.

A Fall With The Rebel Angels painting

If you’re into surrealism to the max, with a sprinkle of demonic depictions (hell ain’t pretty), then this is for you. If not, best not to watch before bedtime.

Regardless, this masterpiece brought to life shows the genius behind Bruegel. He told an entire story with just one image, skillfully painted on a canvas that is brought to life.

Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon

Entering the world-famous Natural History Museum in London, we face a fearsome foe. We like to think of this not-so-gentle creature from the Jurassic era as the king of the sea dragons – as there were many.

Virtual reality tour of a Rhomaleosaurus Sea Dragon

Watch these ancient bones flesh out and come to life, escaping into the halls of the Museum of Natural History…and your space!  My, what sharp teeth you have, Rhomaleo! (We’re friends, so we can call him by his shortcut name).

The World’s First Large Scale,  3D Printed Sculpture

The art world steps up its coolness game thanks to the diligence of Google engineers and the vision of artist Jonathan Yeo.

3D sculpture from a Virtual reality tour

Watch Jonathan paint his own self-portrait in a 3D space then transform this into an amazing bronze sculpture.

Giraffatitan dinosaur: Back to life

It’s not hard to imagine that something with the words “Giraffe” and Titan” in its name, it’s gonna be huge. Really huge. Observing this fellow from ground level is a good reminder of how glad we are that we weren’t around back in those days.

Giraffatitan dinosaur

This is one mosh pit we don’t want to be in!

He may not be a carnivore, but dodging those massive feet and that long tail would be a challenge. Safe to say the odds are not in your favor.

By the way, those tapestries you messed with were hand-made! Guess that’s what you get bringing something called a Giraffatitan back to life around expensive stuff.

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