The Serious Fun Of Being A Fantasy Football Champion

Is there nothing more adorning than the fantastical bling that comes with being a fantasy football champion? We think not.

The seriousness of fantasy football leaves little room for off-season antics. With luck and voodooism becoming more removed and good old-fashioned skills now required to being a champion, winners really do take all.

In fact, being a Fantasy Football champion might be harder than scoring super bowl tickets, but if you want to try…

Check out some of the bling, like champion belts, trophies, and rings that are justly earned.

Bling Rings

Merchandising takes a front and center seat for those winners loyal to the art of assembling imaginary teams. But we assure you, there is nothing imaginary about these heavyweights.

As Fantasy Champs, promises with each ring, they’ll be “covered in over 118 genuine not real diamonds.  However, they sparkle like hell (so that’s what really matters).” True that.

Bling rings for fantasy football

Courtesy: Fantasy Champs

How awesome would this ring look inside one of these Boston sports bars? And for those who are fashion-oriented about their accessories, they promise these rings to match with any outfit, literally anything- even if you’re just wearing socks and holding a beer (at home, not the bar, please). 

Customizable Trophy

Weighing in at 14 pounds and exceeding 26 inches in height, this bad boy says it all- “I won and you didn’t.” Not the most mature statement, but then again these are grown adults playing pretend, so what can I tell ya. This sturdy beast is worthy of any fireplace mantel.

Fantasy football trophy
Fantasy Football Trophy

Champion Belts

Looking for an unapologetic accessory after your big win? Fashion meets form with this strapping all-metal chunk of nuttiness.

This belt is king when it comes to enhancing your gloating. So go ahead, gloat away as this is the perfect anytime accessory for both casual and formal attitudes. 

Fantasy football champion belt

Diva Rhinestone T-shirt

Nothing says “I’ve been known to do more than one push-up” than a rhinestone embellished t-shirt.

Staying true to form in our quest for fantasy football flashy-ness, this one does the trick quite nicely. 

Rhinestones give you that certain Je ne sais quoi, a boldness that tells others you have the winning genes.

In fact, country music singer and songwriter Mel Tillis gave some rhinestone suits to Glen Campbell which he would wear when he went on stage.

The glistening suits made people think he was a star, even though he was a nobody at the time.

Asked for autographs, he signed them, “The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy.” Now there’s a good name for a fantasy football team!

rhinestone embellished t-shirt

Courtesy: Rhine Designs

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