Top 5 Things To Do Above Deck On a Cruise Ship

If you love amusement parks, then venturing out to sea on a cruise ship is right up your alley. That’s what the cruises have now become and they don’t hold back.

Onboard entertainment includes aqua parks, slides, pools, and private clubs- anything that’s over the top and excessive. All this with amazing endless views. So let’s start with that.

Amazing Endless Views

Since the allure of the cruise is traveling to exotic unknown lands, seeing these places coming into view as you crest the horizon gives you that Magellan effect- discovery is at hand!

OK, obviously you aren’t the first to land at your destination but cruises are all about the journey. It’s hard to fathom how big the oceans are until you’re out in the middle of one. That alone is a cool, humbling experience you’ll enjoy.

(courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

Sky Diving

If getting shot out of a cannon is your cup of tea, then you’ll be glad to know Royal Caribbean’s innovative Quantum-class ships (including Anthem of the Seas) added RipCord by iFly. This is the first-ever skydiving simulator at sea.

Barbeque on a cruise ship


(Courtesy Celebrity Cruises)

BBQ in The Park

Why not one-up your friends and hold a tailgate party on a cruise ship? Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. had finely coiffed lawns with park benches and its own rendition of Central Park.

You’ll find this on Royal Caribbean International’s Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, and Allure of the Seas. With the Lawn Club on Celebrity Cruises, you get a half-acre of real grass to play on! So go ahead, grill away!

Water ride on a cruise ship.

(Photo by Norwegian Cruise Line)

Zip line on a cruise ship

(courtesy Royal Caribbean)

Whale Watching!

The sea has some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet and the nice thing about whale watching is that it can be a 2-week cruise or a 4-hour excursion, whatever fits your timeframe and budget.

An Alaska cruise vacation will get you front and center to see humpback whales, orcas (also known as killer whales), gray whales, and blue whales.

Hey, these aren’t trained zoo animals and what you see may actually vary, but speaking firsthand Alaska is filled with killer whales and humpbacks.

Salmon too, but you can see that anytime on your plate with these cruises.

Your cruise ship might not get close enough to where they hunt but you can add whale watching to your agenda once you dock. Remember all the great things you can also do below deck on cruises!

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