Touring Prague to Budapest on Bike

Love to cruise around on your bike? Then experiencing the beauty of the Czech Republic while touring on a bicycle should be on your bucket list.

With this tour, you’ll spend nine days pedaling through the magnificent countryside on a journey from Prague to Budapest.

Journey through worldly capital cities as you explore the heritage and architectural masterpieces of four central European nations.

Beginning in the Czech Republic, you’ll travel through Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary, passing enchanting castles, picturesque medieval villages, thick forests, and gorgeous countryside. 

Biking through Prague
Touring Czech Republic on bike - Prague

You’ll continue through fertile vineyards, thick forests, and fields of shoulder-high sunflowers, visiting enchanting towns and impressive castles. Take a bike tour combining worldly capitals and traditional farms and villages.

Each twist in the road brings a new scenic vista or the wave of a friendly farmer.

The evenings are spent enjoying delicious regional cuisine and sampling outstanding local beers and wines among equally outstanding companies. Talk about a pay-off for all that pedaling! 

Farmer along a Czech Republic bike tour
Summing it all up in a tidy little package, here’s what this tour gives you –

  • Cycle through picturesque countryside with vineyards, forests, and castles.
  • Visit 4 gems of central Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.
  • Tour vibrant cities and towns like Prague, Budapest, Telc, and Pannonhalma.

You can book this trip here.

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