Our Top 5 Cool Gadgets To Live A Jetsetty Lifestyle

We want to cover the broad spectrum of living the Jetsetty lifestyle, and these way cool gadgets cover everything from better health to addressing that spontaneous craving for ice cream.

Being stuck indoors you still have lots of options for new experiences. Whether you’re escaping to faraway places through virtual reality or cooking up a storm with a Thermomix you can easily get lost in the moment.

Bread made from one of our top cool gadgets

With Thermomix, there’s no need to do the kneading when making bread. And if you’re still able to find a way to get out and explore the road less traveled (meaning going to places with no cell phone reception), we got your back with the Garmin 2-way satellite communicator.

Whether you are lost in a snowstorm or need any kind of help, this should be in everyone’s backpack.

For Your Health – Oura Ring


In the world of life imitating art, one thing Dr. McCoy from Star Trek didn’t see coming in our future is a simple ring you can wear on your finger to measure your vital signs. Forget the bulky tricorder Bones, which weren’t even close to being fashionable.

Oura Ring shown is one of our top cool gadgets
Oura Ring

This stylish Oura Ring with advanced sensors captures your resting heart rate, heart rate variability insights (HRV), body temperature, and calorie burn.

This cool gadget stores up to 6 weeks of data and has an app that monitors your workouts and can even track your sleep stages. The Oura Ring app is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Of course, another great wearable is a bespoke timepiece meticulously crafted by these top independent watchmakers in the world.

Oura Ring app

For The Kitchen – Thermomix TM6


This little tabletop appliance takes care of all that heavy lifting you’re used to doing when prepping food like kneading dough, chopping herbs, and grinding. It even cooks rice to perfection with the push of a button.

cool kitchen gadgets
Thermomix, one of our cool gadgets for the kitchen

Dubbed the robot home chef, per the website, it can weigh ingredients, chop and brown veggies, and meat, stir and simmer or slow-cook for hours, all in one pot.

It’s like having an extra person in the kitchen with you that actually helps out instead of drinking all your good wine while pretending to be productive. In fact, this little guy can perform 24 culinary functions and techniques.

Not everyone has time to watch Giada De Laurentiis showing you the ropes in the kitchen, but that’s OK, these cool gadgets get the job done.

The Thermomix TM6 also sports a 6.8” wide, full-color touchscreen display, so you can explore, plan, and learn directly on the appliance.

The Thermomix TM6 also doubles as a smart device that connects and updates itself via Wi-Fi automatically.

Cupcake with raspberry on top

For Outdoors – Garmin 2-Way Satellite Communicator


The Garmin inReach Mini 2-Way Satellite Communicator gives you peace of mind when you’re off the grid and your cell phone gets zero reception.

Garmin inReach mini
Garmin inReach mini cool gadget for preparedness kits

You can send text messages, SOS alerts, and even get weather updates on the fly. You can also access topographic maps to see that tough mountain range you are about to conquer. With GPS your friends and family will always know how to find you should trouble arises.

Just like a satellite phone, you’ll need a subscription to utilize the functionality but this can be a lifesaver in case of emergency.

Mountain rescue

You can trigger an interactive SOS message to GEOS, which is a professional 24/7 global monitoring and response center.

You’re GPS tells them exactly where you are. Battery life is about 50 hours and these types of cool gadgets are a must-have for emergency preparedness kits.

For Indoors – Oculus Quest 2 VR Headsets


This all-in-one virtual reality headset brings you outdoor adventures in an epic way with awe-inspiring games and experiences.

During lockdowns, you’ll want cool gadgets like these to transform those four walls staring you down into alternate worlds to explore.

With cinematic sound piping in from the built-in speakers, you’ll hear the flapping of birds whipping by while scaling mountain peaks or navigating vast caves.

Oculus Virtual reality goggles on a teen

The Oculus Quest 2 offers some of the best VR views of breathtaking vistas, erupting volcanoes, and cityscapes.

Virtual reality volcano

There is a lot to get excited about being able to immerse yourself in a virtual reality world, where you’re hands-on in completing your missions.

Check out the experience for Red Matter. No doubt Elon Musk dabbles in this in preparation for his own voyage to the red planet.

Virtual reality game on Mars

Virtual reality has really come to fruition and just in the nick of time as we do what we must to keep from going stir-crazy. Don’t forget all the virtual reality tours you can now take online, here are our top 5.

For Ice Cream Runs – Martin Jetpack

US$200,000 – $250,000.

For a couple of hundred grand (plus or minus $50,000) The Martin M2K calls itself the first practical jetpack (WAIT, that James Bond jetpack wasn’t practical?).

This single-person aerial VTOL vehicle can operate for 1½ hours, at speeds of up to 100 kmph, and a flight ceiling of 5,000 ft. That ought to get you some of that Ben and Jerry’s in a timely matter.

Martin Jetpack in flight
Cool gadgets, Martin jetpack

Martin Aircraft Company is the sole manufacturer of the Martin jetpack, which consists of a purpose-built gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans which produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot in vertical takeoff and landing. Glad to hear landing is part of the equation!

Of course, we can see lots of other productive uses for this jetpack like search and rescue, security, and military use but we’re going to continue prioritizing ice cream runs. This is Jetsetty after all, so we have to make sure our cool gadgets get you where you want to be – effortlessly.

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