Our Top 5 Zombie-Proof Luxury RVs That Are Full Of Treats

Luxury RVs are the way to go when you need to escape but don’t want to give up your simple pleasures. Of course, this includes room for your private helicopter, spa, big-screen TV, wine bar, and sauna.

With Covid, elections, and now zombies (’tis the season) there’s an endless barrage of headaches we all feel a need to run from. What better way than to literally take the entire house with you? maybe not the entire home, but definitely the best parts of a luxury home.

We give some starting prices for these luxury motorhomes but they can climb exponentially when you start customizing, and many of these are built to order so you’ll be designing your own interior.

The real beauty of being on the open road is that you meet almost all the criteria architects strive for when designing wellness architecture. So you’re already on the road to a healthier you.

We list some of the top interior designers in the U.S. if you want this done right. We’re sure this would be a fun project for them!

SLRV Commander 8×8

Starting price: US$900,000.

You can say sayonara to civilization with this bad boy of the luxury RV world. Available in single or double-story configurations, this is off-road luxury, if taking the road less traveled is more your style.

Built to handle rough terrain, this can be your go-to glamping vehicle if our top glamping locations around the world just won’t cut it for you.


The interior is loaded with the luxury you’d expect, including leather lounge options, modern cabinets convention ovens and solar panels, and a carry-on generator. The Commander 8×8 also holds between 500 and 1000 liters of water. That should hold you over while you dig your off-grid well.

exterior extended SLRV
interior SLRV

Cami Terra Wind

Starting price: US$1.2 million.

When fleeing zombies, the key is to be a little smarter than them, while enhancing your own agility. Enter the Terra Wind amphibious luxury RV. Agility with a twist.

Terra Wind in water front view

If you stay current with zombie movies, you’ll know they seem to get faster and smarter every time a new movie comes out (soon they’ll be chasing us in cars we suspect).

Not to worry! When fleeing mayhem and you run out of the road while finding yourself at a river, lake, or ocean – just keep going!

interior Terra Wind
Terra wind in water

Lucky for you you’re traveling in style in an amphibious land yacht that floats and becomes a boat with speeds up to 7 knots on the water.

With a fully customizable interior, you can pile on the extras with cabinetry, electronics, and flooring. If you’re going to take RV’ing this far, we’d say surrender and get yourself one of these luxury houseboats.

Foretravel IH-45

Starting price: US$1.3 million.

Each Foretravel IH-45 coach is custom-designed so there’s ample opportunity to stack luxurious features to your heart’s content. This includes under-the-floor heating and a galley kitchen with a full-size stainless steel refrigerator.

exterior IH-45

They supply the interior designer for you and they even help with the custom graphics so your luxury RV sports a cool look.

Other features include a 65″ QLED TV on a lift in the living room and a motorized king bed that expands out when parked giving you a more spacious bedroom.

RV motorhome interior

This motorhome comes with 1.5 baths and the main bathroom also has a double sink which is a nice surprise to find in an RV! When all the compartments expand outward, you’ll find yourself inside a spacious home away from home.

motorhome bathroom with double sinks
interior dining RV IH-45

Foretravel Emperor 45ESS

Starting price: US$1.850 million.

The Emperor Sauna Suite (45ESS) floor plan boasts 4 slide-out rooms offering the most spacious galley available when it comes to luxury RVs.

The interior finishes include imported porcelain floor tile from Modena, Italy, and the highest quality solid surface countertops, masterfully tiled backsplashes, and an extraordinarily designed ceiling feature with a multi-color decorative lighting package.

Luxury Motorhome exterior
Emperor ESS RV luxury kitchen

You won’t be compromising luxury on the road with the built-in fireplace and a feature wall in the galley that displays Meural’s digital art exhibit.

Yep, you get your own traveling art gallery, offering digital access to tens of thousands of works of art from museums and galleries around the world.  Throw in high-end appliances including a dishwasher and you’re ready to take your show on the road.

Bedroom Emperor ESS luxury rvs
luxury motorhome bedroom

The Emperor Sauna Suite is the best of the best when it comes to an RV sauna experience. The bathroom features a full-length tile bench so you can sit down, relax, and turn on the Kohler Invigoration 9kw steam generator.

When done you can turn on the high-velocity roof fan to empty the sauna room of steam and heat, restoring the bathroom for everyday use.

Foretravel RV motorhome interior

Furrion Elysium

Starting price: US$2.5 million.

Furrion is a luxury visionary company reaching into many venues, but their focus is always to design products that inspire you to explore life. On that note, we’d say Jetsetty shares that same inspiration!

Luxury motorhome with helipad

The Furrion Elysium comes with a helipad and hot tub on the roof and inside you’ll find a wine fridge, touch screens, and a large master bedroom that expands out.

Furrion Elysium exterior

The helicopter pad lowers electronically above the master bedroom for transport and is designed for the Robinson R22 helicopter.

Inside you’ll find a fireplace, and a complete gourmet kitchen including an induction cooktop, convection microwave, and dishwasher.

If you’re looking for your own eco-system off the grid, then these luxury motorhomes oughta hit the spot as you hit the open road.

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