Cheap Excursions That Won’t Break The Belt

Cheap excursions can also be a great way to get in some exercise. We’ve all heard the saying, “eat to live, don’t live to eat.” Excuse me! We’d like to amend that with “…unless you exercise.” Then as any hardcore foodie will tell you, definitely go ahead and live to eat.

Besides, what fun is traveling to new places if you’re not experiencing the food, and tossing one back with the locals? 

Still, you don’t want your brain to go into survival mode and start storing fat like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, that won’t happen if you’re doing this bike tour from Budapest to Prague.

One way or another, you will need some exercise, and having fun while doing this is more than possible. Easy peasy in fact. Remember, even cruise ships offer exercise with yoga, gyms, and dancing.

True, some of this stuff I make up as I go along, but according to neuroscience researcher Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D., author of The Hungry Brain. “Bodyweight is regulated by the brain.

If you don’t know that, you’re going to be surprised when your brain and body start fighting back against weight loss,” he says.

Brain image

Hungry? It’s all in your head.

Rather, our appetites and food choices are led astray by ancient, instinctive brain circuits that play by the rules of a survival game that no longer exists. Our brain works in other mysterious ways when it comes to food, like how it knows your nutritional needs by colors and shapes.

And these circuits don’t care about how you look in a bathing suit next summer.” Apparently I got that one right. On that note, let’s explore some fun things to do that’ll keep you fit.


The beauty of kayaking is that you don’t need a major body of water with the moon’s gravity pulling on the tides to give you the ride and workout of your life. Kayaking is high on our list of cheap vacation exercises.

It more about moseying along and enjoying the scenery (unless you’re headed for some rapids). If you don’t pull your weight and row, you’ll just sit there and get nowhere fast.

Cheap excursions, kayaking
Stand Up Paddle Tours (SUP)

What will they think up next? I’m guessing this was invented by some guy kayaking who wanted to see a little more. All the same, you’ll be paddling and burning those calories.

Woman stand up paddle boarding on a pristine lake on a cheap vacation
Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

We had to throw a bicycle excursion in here, and this is a unique race in that bikers don’t race each other… they race a train! Not much cost involved with this cheap excursion.

The race is the result of two brothers-one a railroad brakeman and the other a cyclist-challenging each other to a race to nearby Silverton, Colorado.

Cheap excursion participating in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

Officially started in 1972, the Iron Horse attracts hundreds of people from all over the world and is considered to be a celebration of Colorado history and culture as much as it is a bike race.

Durango is nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains and the road track is beautiful and challenging. Here’s more on how this all began.

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