Santa Barbara Bed & Breakfast- R&R At This Spectacular B&B

So many great things to do when it comes to getting away from it all along the California coast. We’ve mentioned some breezy coastal bike trails as well as private bungalow excursions at luxury Los Angeles hotels.

Now we’ll add our fave Santa Barbara Bed and breakfast to this list, the Simpson House Inn. here are the top 5 things we love most about this serene hideaway in Santa Barbara, California.

Simpson House Inn

121 E. Arrellaga
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-7067


Situated behind tall, thick hedges that would do a celebrity home proud, a narrow gated driveway welcomes you into this secluded estate.

The first thing you notice is how few parking spaces there are. A good sign is that seclusion is on the list of amenities. Naturally, you’ll see a person or two, mainly during breakfast or at the end of the day.

One of the perks is enjoying the sunset while kicking back on the comfy lounge chairs, and making proper use of the complimentary wine direct from a local winery.

The English gardens and landscaping are perfectly groomed, with trees and hedges.

The plants are so lush that your room or cottage is going to blend right in with nature, letting you feel like you’re the only one on the grounds.


Character & Charm, Galore

The centerpiece of this lovely Santa Barbara Bed and Breakfast is a Victorian Manor nestled on the property that expands for about an acre. Combined with the Carriage Barn and English Cottages, there are 15 rooms in total.


Built in 1874, not an ounce of charm was lost over time. Large banana leaves, fresh-cut lawns, and fountains along hedge-lined pathways lead you to your room. I stayed in the Greenwich Cottage, my own secluded abode with a private patio.

Entering my cottage, I was greeted with freshly baked cookies, an hors d’oeuvres plate, and the red wine I requested. It was hard to think about the “breakfast” part of Bed and Breakfast, even with the scrumptious menu staring me in the face. No need to rush, I had till 8 pm to put in my order.


Breakfast is scheduled at intervals so folks can safely distance themselves when eating on the veranda of the main house. My 2-day menu consisted of Breakfast Sopes and Greek Frittata as the main dish with fruit, toast, coffee, juice, and pastries.


Quite the menu considering that I hadn’t even killed off all those complimentary cookies served upon arrival. OK, I did. For me, the test of a well-baked cookie is one that can be properly paired with a wine. Mission accomplished.

The Greenwich Cottage

Nothing says English cottage-like floor-to-ceiling wood-burning fireplace made from river stones. The Greenwich Cottage also has high beamed ceilings with a glass roof and Victorian-era furniture.


Outside, I had a private fountain courtyard, with views of the grounds. I opted not to have the fireplace lit. I was trying to distance myself from ANY California fires, although it did seem quite cozy.


When I return during cooler days in the fall or winter, I’ll definitely light up the charm. Rounding off the details in this captivating cottage, there was also a whirlpool and plantation shutters on all the windows.

Just A Couple Blocks Off Lower State Street

Santa Barbara is known as one of the most popular playgrounds for the rich and famous, and lower State Street is Santa Barbara’s main vibe.

This is the stretch closest to the beach and where all the restaurants and bars are located. The Simpson House Inn is just a couple blocks away on a side street so you don’t get any of the main street traffic or noise, but you’re still an easy walk or bike ride away.

This Bed and Breakfast boutique hotel also has bicycles you can use, so head to the beach. The boardwalk is spacious and lined with beautiful parks.


Until things change, outdoor dining has been implemented to accommodate all the local restaurants. In fact, about the last quarter mile of State St. is completely closed off to vehicles.

This makes the town even more quaint, where you can now casually stroll down to the beach grabbing your favorite cocktail or snack along the way.

Great Attention To Detail

Staff is everything when it comes to making your experience enjoyable and this Santa Barbara Bed and Breakfast exceeds expectations. I actually saw very few of the staff during my stay but they were always around when I needed something.

This is a sign of accommodations with great staff. You really feel like you’re off-the-beaten-path in at an exclusive estate. Even when the grass was cut it was hard to notice the lawn guy. Everyone seemed to have some sort of invisibility about them.

I was approached on one of the pathways by a not-so-invisible staffer just to ask me if I’d like another bottle of wine brought to my cottage. They must have known I had one cookie left that needed pairing. Now that’s attention to detail!

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