5 Sensational Top Bakeries in the U.S. – West Coast


Seriously, is there anything more heavenly than hitting a bakery in the morning as your favorite hot pastry or loaf of sourdough is being pulled from an old-world oven? Why hasn’t Gweneth Paltrow put THAT ambrosial aroma in a candle? We’re going to focus on the top bakeries in the U.S. along the West Coast …

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Our Top 5 Luxury Movie Theaters in Los Angeles


It’s no surprise you’ll find some of the world’s top luxury movie theaters in Los Angeles. After all, this is where we churn out so many of our fave blockbusters. Plus, celebs grace these luxury theaters at their opening premiers – and they demand comfort with their cocktails. So do we. Whether you’re looking for …

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Our 5 Top Hidden Bars With Secret Entries


Our top hidden bars with secret entries piggyback on the old-timey days when folks snuck into a speakeasy to indulge in illegal libation. If you’re looking to elevate the adventure in your nightlife then grab the secret password and head through hidden entries inside phone booths, refrigerator doors, and barely marked alleyways (think one dimly …

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Our Top 5 Authentic Korean BBQ Places in K-Town, LA


Did somebody say scrumptious smoky barbeque? That can only mean one thing if you’re in LA. For foodies looking to indulge in tasty barbeque look no further than these top Korean BBQ restaurants located in the heart of Koreatown. Korean barbeque, otherwise known as KBBQ, is nearly around every corner (if not on top of …

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LA Getaway-5 Luxury Hotels With Bungalows In Los Angeles

Hotels with bungalows in Los Angeles

The California bungalow is a style known to be harmonious with quaintness and comfort, so it’s no wonder some of LA’s top hotels also offer bungalows that you can vacation in. In fact, Old Hollywood was once covered with these craftsman-type homes and many are even looked upon as collectible architecture by celebrities. Brad Pitt …

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Our Top 5 Best Pizza Places In Los Angeles

pizza by a wood-burning oven

We know this is gonna get personal, as Angelinos’ taste for pizza is vast if not infinite. So for the sake of narrowing down our list of the best pizza in Los Angeles, we’re sticking to mainly thin-crust, craft pizzas that are tossed, topped, and baked to absolute perfection. Back in the day, there was …

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Our Top 5 Los Angeles Interior Designers, Laid-back & Spot On

Los Angeles interior designers

In the City of Angels, there are lots of Los Angeles interior designers who have risen to celebrity status, but today we’re honing in on 5 whom we love. LA practically invented the A-lister, from pastry chefs to dog whisperers, Los Angeles pretty much covers the entire gamut of the who’s who in the land …

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Top 5 Street Foods In Los Angeles


As in all evolution, the street foods in Los Angeles have come a long, long way. Here’s something we can relate to. Crack open your Gramp’s old travel magazine and take a look at what a motor home used to look like- “not comfy” is the first thing that comes to mind. Voila! They’ve now …

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5 Great Urban Walking Tours in The U. S.

Marilyn Monroe walking tour

How about getting in a little exercise with a walking tour? We’ve covered a bike tour in Prague, but now let’s do some serious walking and remember to be inspired by the great architect you may pass by along the way. Remember, you’re going to want an anti-theft, secure backpack when traveling to keep your …

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