Healing Hot Springs-Our Top 5 Onsen Ryokans For Wellness

Healing hot springs

It’s no secret about the medicinal powers of healing hot springs. We venture over to Japan to further explore these healing secrets, inside these century-old inns called a Ryokan. Not all Ryokans are created equal, and we’re going to focus on a special type of ryokan, the “onsen ryokan.” We know Japan is known for …

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Our Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Paris With An Eiffel Tower View

Eiffel Tower

Ahh, Parisian elegance. Our top 5 luxury hotels in Paris consider the Eiffel Tower a part of their enchanté, which is to say an enchanting part of your stay. With a little help from Jetsetty, we’ll position you to capitalize on a great room at a spectacular hotel, with a very special view. Marveling at …

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Hotels In Space – Beam Me Up, Scotty!


It’s inevitable, we’ll all eventually end up in space one day, and that one day may be sooner than you think. In fact, our money says a hotel in space will happen long before any fast-food joint can actually place your burger in the center of the bun. Just sayin… NASA announced that it has selected Axiom …

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Experiencing Spain – Our Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Barcelona


The first things that come to mind about Barcelona are the bluest of blue skies, a stylish Mediterranean vibe, beaches, and scrumptious cuisine. But this city is also known for it’s unique and distinct architecture, and our top 5 hotels not only serve up the best of the best when it comes to service but …

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