Elite Opulence: 10 of The World’s Most Expensive Sneakers

Perusing through the world of the most expensive sneakers in the world can be daunting since many have a provenance attached, making them a pedigree with collectors status. These sell for crazy numbers on the resale market and at auction.

Arguably, Nike would fill up almost any list thanks to their Air Jordan line. Scribble on an autograph by Michael Jordan, and we’re talking about an expensive pair of sneakers selling at auction for US$560,000. For reals, folks. Remember, you can still tilt the coolness meter in your favor with these affordable classic retro sneakers that are always in style.

Nike sneakers

You can also glam them up with gold, adorn them with diamonds, and create one-of-a-kind artwork on the sneakers, but this isn’t attainable for the masses since competition is fierce for one-offs.

So if you want a one-off or just want to prance around like an A-lister wearing one of the most expensive sneakers money can buy, just be ready to drop some serious bucks. Remember, if you want to live like a celebrity, you gotta walk in their shoes.

Golden Goose – 
Leopard-Print and Neon Super-Star Sneakers. $560.00

Founded by Venetian designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, the Golden Goose brand didn’t take long to claim its place in the high-fashion sneaker world.

expensive sneakers-Golden Goose

These expensive sneakers are perfectly imperfect, with marks and scruff marks added to make the shoes feel vintage and well-traveled.

Each shoe is handmade, manually processed, and constructed by the artisans of Golden Goose, affectionately known as their “Sneaker Maker.” Sounds catchy and gets to the point.

These pre-distressed sneakers are made from high-quality Italian leather with a leopard print.

Golden Goose likes to incorporate animals and nature in their design, and we can appreciate that – we love finding beauty in the wild.

Wearing Golden Goose sneakers, you’ll be walking the walk just like A-listers Reese Witherspoon, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Hilary Duff.

Next time you look at a paparazzi snapshot of your favorite celebrity, check out the shoes. For running errands, these are sneakers they love.

Scruffed up Golden Goose Sneakers


Paring: Scruffed-up sneakers look best wearing these Zoo Jeans that a wild lion ripped up. You’ll look like the clear winner in a fight to the death. You may be called many things, but a wimp won’t be one of them.

Hermès – 
Quicker Sneaker. US$880.00

The Hermès roots go back to the days of making quality saddles for Russian Czars, so it’s no accident we see the iconic horse on their products, including these expensive sneakers.

Hermes Quicker sneakers

A little fun fact: one of the Hermès sons was granted exclusive rights to use a zipper on leather goods and clothing, and in 1918, the first leather golf jacket with a zipper was introduced, made for Edward, Prince of Prince Wales.

Glad that the simple device made it to the public domain. Buttons seem to be the first thing to fall off our clothes.

Hermes sneakers

With the Quicker Sneaker, you’ll jump into your casual day with these iconic calfskin shoes sporting the “Se Plier au Jeu” print and iconic “H” detail.

Loosely translated, these expensive sneakers are all about the spirit of the game, and all bets are on you while being chased by your fans and paparazzi.

Paring: People shouldn’t have to look all the way down to the ground to see the glorious iconic horse logo on their feet, so we recommend wearing these sneakers while flying your Martin Jetpack. Now people will look up to you and your sneakers, as they should.

Tom Ford – 
Radcliffe Burnished & Smooth Leather Sneakers. US$990.00

Tom Ford is the epitome of a renaissance man, having directed 2 Academy Award-nominated films, becoming a top fashion designer, and creating a line of high-end beauty products.

Tom Ford Radcliffe sneakers

Ford also designed those debonair suits for Daniel Craig in 3 James Bond flicks, so we know these expensive sneakers have that Bond appeal.


Wearing these luxe shoes, you’ll step outside of mere casual. You might even get a pass wearing these to those “jacket-required” restaurants. Handsome as a wingtip, one might say.

Tom ford logo

That luster leather finish is achieved by hand burnishing the shoes and you’ll find the signature logo embedded across the tongue. The logo also protrudes on the sole, so the legend of Tom Ford follows everywhere you go.

Paring: These shoes have high-end “robot dog walker” written all over, and while folks are looking down wondering if that crazy contraption you’re walking bites, they can’t help but notice your stylish sneakers alongside, a bold statement proclaiming your wisdom and worldliness. Just like Bond. James Bond.

Gucci – 
Women’s Gucci Tennis 1977 High Top Sneaker. US$1,100.00

High tops were everything back in the day, and these shimmering works of beauty bring us back to simpler times before climate change was an issue. Speaking of which, these are incredibly environmentally-conscious made high-end sneakers.

Gucci High Top expensive sneakers

Here’s the lowdown per the website:

  • Lining contains organic cotton, where the cultivation and manufacturing process restricts the use of chemicals, eliminates pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and incorporates methods that respect biodiversity, improve soil quality, and reduce water consumption.
  • The ribbon contains recycled polyester that reuses waste or byproducts, reducing the environmental footprint of new fossil fuel-based material. The sole contains 20% bio-based content instead of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Who knew they could squeeze so much goodness into such a little sneaker? Highlighted with a gold sequin-embroidered quilted satin, accented by the green and red Web stripes, we know the House of Gucci exquisitely makes these.

red wine

Pairing: A nice Cabernet Sauvignon cult wine from Screaming Eagle would adequately complement the red stripe on the sneakers; the shimmering gold sequins will take it from there. You’ll be noticed from head to toe.

You’ll reminisce of those simplistic days of backyard barbeques where wine and comfy shoes by the poolside were A-OK.

Christian Louboutin – 
Louis No Limit Flat. US$3,295.00

Now things are getting interesting. Enter Christian Louboutin, the designer who made red soles a “thing” without which no celebrity or heiress would step into the nightlife.

Christian Louboutin sneakers

This luxe fashion designer has even trademark-protected the red soles on his shoes, most commonly seen on stilettos. A bold move, now seemingly outdone by the No Limit Flat sneaker. Gotta love those spikes.

These retro-designed expensive sneakers bring us back to the days of shopping on Melrose Avenue and then hitting the Rainbow Club on Sunset Boulevard – with spiked hair to match.

The rounded-toe sneakers have been crafted with black calf leather sprinkled with a play of golden spikes on the inner side with tone-on-tone strass on the outside. This is one formidable pair of expensive sneakers.

tomato fight

Pairing: These sneakers are festival-worthy, allowing crowd control and giving you the proper distance to wind up and pitch tomatoes in a world-class tomato fight.

For your fellow comrades who slip on crushed tomatoes and fall at your feet, they’ll quickly be reminded who’s the boss.

Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster

Unique yellow and black colorway with a lobster claw graphic. US$42,634

The Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster’s high price tag might surprise some, but it’s a testament to the sneaker culture’s obsession with limited edition kicks.


Sneakerheads are willing to shell out exorbitant amounts of money for rare and unique designs like the Yellow Lobster, which never made it to retail and are almost impossible to find.

The Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster represents the pinnacle of this sneaker culture. It’s a shoe that’s not just stylish and well-designed but also incredibly rare and exclusive. Owning a pair of Yellow Lobsters shows off your insider knowledge and ability to navigate the murky waters of the sneaker world.

Pricing: The Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster will be a conversation starter for years to come. They’re extremely limited and difficult to find, even years after their initial release. The sneaker’s rarity also comes from a very specific set of circumstances.

Air Jordan III OG

Popular and sought-after sneakers. US$4,500

The Air Jordan III OG is a true icon in the high-end, expensive sneaker world, known for its groundbreaking design and significant impact on sneaker culture. 


If you’re a sneakerhead, then you know that owning a pair of Air Jordan III OG is like owning a piece of the sneaker history.

These kicks are not just any shoes – they stand for something much greater than that. They represent Michael Jordan’s legacy and his impact on the world of basketball.

So, it’s no surprise that the Air Jordan III OG is highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

Pricing: The Air Jordan III OG is one of the most sought-after Air Jordans in the brand’s history. So you can imagine how valuable they are. That said, it’s clear why some pairs sell for upwards of $4,500 on the secondary market.

Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1

Luxurious materials, premium sneakers. US$50,000

The Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 sneaker is a true masterpiece that transforms a classic white sneaker into a dazzling piece of art. The Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 boasts an impressive 11 carats of diamonds set in white gold on both the Swoosh and lace locks.


These shoes come with a unique design and also feature a black patent leather upper and a crisp white outsole contrasting the sparkling gems. This sneaker is indeed one-of-a-kind and designed for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices.

Sneaker enthusiasts can expect nothing but the best from this limited edition release as it combines style, luxury, and quality craftsmanship all in one package.

Pricing: The Nike Air Force 1 High Diamond Encrusted is a one-of-a-kind sneaker for the fashion-forward and those who want to make a statement. It combines luxury, high-quality materials, and an eye-catching design to create a truly unique sneaker.

Nike MAG Back to the Future (2016)

Futuristic design, rarest shoe. US$76,925.00

The Nike MAG Back to the Future (2016) is a dream come true for sci-fi and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Released in 2016, this iconic pair of sneakers was inspired by the futuristic footwear worn by Marty McFly in the hit movie franchise “Back to the Future.” 


What sets the Nike Air Mag sneaker apart from any other shoe on the market is its futuristic design, self-lacing technology, and complete light-up details, first introduced in the film.

With its sleek gray upper, glowing blue sole, and red accents on the heel, this shoe will make you feel like you’re part of the future.

Pricing: The Nike MAG Back to the Future is an authentic, fully functional replica of the shoes originally worn in the movie. They have self-lacing technology and glowing blue lights.

Extremely rare and hard to find. This is one of the most expensive sneakers in the market due to the shoes’ limited availability and status as pop culture icons.

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans

24-karat gold and feature the iconic OVO owl logo. US$2 Million (and change)

The Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the Jordan Brand and Drake’s OVO label. The Solid Gold Air Jordans, made of 24-karat gold and weighing over 50lb each, are considered the most expensive Nike shoes ever made.

Image: OVO / Matt Senna

While not practical for sports or daily wear, the Solid Gold Air Jordans are a statement piece that exudes extravagance and luxury. Wearing these shoes would undoubtedly turn heads and attract admiration, making them a prized possession for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors.

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