Indoor Drones? Using UV light to Stop Covid-19 – Our Top 5

UV light has been used as a sterilization method for some time, but Covid-19 has inspired new uses and brought forth some new cool devices for both consumers and businesses.

We already know certain light from the sun gives us vitamins and keeps us healthy when taken in moderation, and now we’ve mastered harnessing the dangerous spectrum of sunlight – Ultra Violet, or UV.

When it comes to cleaning, short-cuts rule as far as we’re concerned. Sitting in isolation has given lots of us plenty of time to think, and think we did. A UV toothbrush cleaner? An indoor sanitation drone? Let’s hope you see the light and get inspired by what these companies have created.

UV light As a Commercial And Household Disinfectant

Before anyone gets a little nutty about the dangers of UV light, we concur. We’re using this in the context of sterilizing and killing Covid-19 on objects and surfaces. You, not so much.

In fact, you’d most likely fry like bacon if exposed to the amount and type of UV light needed to clear out the enemy. 

iPhone and ear buds

There are 3 types of UV light, and we’re going to focus on UV-C. This part of the spectrum consists of a shorter, more energetic wavelength of light and is particularly good at destroying genetic material in viral particles.

What is new with UV light used as a sanitation method?

Covid-19 has upped the sterilization game and we now have access to newly created compact UV lights for sanitization of hotel rooms, offices, and small household items like pens.


Banks Laundering Their Own Money

Yep, even banks are using UV-C light to disinfect their money.

In case you’re wondering how long Covid-19 can survive on a dollar bill, go here.


But before you rent a hot air balloon and rain all your hard-earned cash on the masses, hold on for a sec. You still have to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes to even get close to catching coronavirus from those bills and the survival period is pretty short.

Using UV light to Clean Buses

In China, whole buses are being scanned with UV light to clean them each night. Now we’re starting to see other cities like New York catching that blue wave of cleanliness. 

Indoor Coronavirus-Killing Drones

This UV-C sanitation method has now been installed on small indoor drones to work the night shift, giving offices the once over to keep things safe.

One such company that makes these drones is Digital Aerolus, one of the first to utilize drones in this manner. Watch their drone scope out the bad guys in this video.

Their Aertos 120-UVC works wonders in confined spaces and can reach into areas others can’t. The Aertos line of “disinfection drones” is designed and built in the U.S., using technology by engineers with backgrounds in aviation, AI, avionics, and other advanced technologies.

Digital Aerolus has developed breakthrough flight software, enabling users to navigate their drones without GPS. 

Sterilizing Those Small Household Items With UV Light

There are several small disinfectant items on the market now that use UV light for cleaning personal items like toothbrushes, keys, phones, and jewelry. 

We find the InvisiClean Ultrasonic UV-C Cleaner appealing for its compact size. This also has an ultrasonic mode for cleaning dirt and grime and the different modes can work independently. 

Sterilizing box

There’s also the UV-RoboClean that can cruise your countertops to sanitize away any food bacteria. It’s also smart enough to know not to leap to its death with sensors all around, so it knows where the edges are.

We all heard the urban legends of handling uncooked chicken, so this might help you sleep better. As we say in the kitchen, this little bot has got your back.

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