Sneak-Aboard Some Real Airline Snacks Next Time You Fly

Don’t you think it’s high time you start sneaking aboard some real airline snacks next time you fly? You actually won’t be sneaking anything aboard since this article is totally legit.

However, everyone else will think you did when you break out the good stuff and all they have is a pack of stale peanuts. Is there’s even an expiration date on those packets?

First things first. Don’t open a can of tuna- that’s just rude. Kind of like when they used to have smoking and non-smoking sections on airplanes. How did THAT ever make and sense? But I digress. You’ve got your best deal on cheap airfare and now it’s game day.

Let’s first start with what is allowed, by TSA’s stringent 3-1-1 rule.

The 3-1-1 rule limits the amount of liquid you can bring on an airplane in your carry-on luggage. Passengers are limited to using containers no larger than 3.4 oz. for their liquids.

All containers of liquid which must be placed in a 1 qt., transparent, plastic, sealable bag. Each passenger may have only one bag for liquids.

Passengers can bring on as many 3.4-oz. containers as they can fit in the quart-sized bag when it is sealed.

For those of you who had fun in high school seeing how many friends you can stuff in a Volkswagen Beetle, this is where it all pays off – you’re squeezing all the airline snacks humanly possible into that little bag.

passengers walking through airport

Specific Exceptions

The TSA allows a very limited number of exceptions to the 3-1-1 rule. Passengers can pack in their carry-on bags medicine, baby formula, and food and breast milk.

Other liquids include water or orange juice for passengers with a special condition and frozen items–even if the item exceeds the 3-1-1 limits.

The TSA says passengers should carry on only what will be needed during the flight but does not place a specific volume limit, saying only that these exceptions are allowed in “reasonable quantities.” The 3-1-1 rule does not apply to liquids you have packed in your checked baggage.

Security Procedures

When you go through airport security checkpoints, you must take out your quart-sized bag of liquids and place it separately into a security bin for inspection.

If you have liquids that are exempt from the 3-1-1 requirements, you must declare them at the checkpoint, and they may be subject to more thorough screenings.

Man Putting Shoes Into Tray For Airport Security Check

That was some serious schooling, but better safe than sorry, you don’t want your sneak-aboard airline snacks confiscated! And now after reading all that you must have worked up a good appetite. So onward and upward!

Cheese and Crackers

We know most airlines have their version of the cheese snack, but you can do better. Gather your own assemblage and toss some of your favorite crackers in the sealable bag and you’re good to go.

On early morning flights, some granola bars make an easy-to-go breakfast.

There must be about a hundred varieties in this genre, so go nuts. Go chocolate. Go crazy!

Sometimes what you really need is a sugar rush. If flying through the sky at 30,000 feet in a metal tube weighing several tons just doesn’t do it for you, you probably need chocolate.

granola bars as an airline snack

Courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

Bring an extra amount aboard. If that kid behind you keeps kicking your seat, you’ve got a backup plan. Also, remember flying healthy means being prepared to counter the havoc that airplane air has on your beautiful skin. We can help with that too.

Finally, we have the “I can make it through security with minimal beating” sandwich.

Finding that perfect sneak-aboard sandwich is an art form in itself and needs to be carefully thought out.

Calculating the time from prep to taking that first bite can be hours and you need ingredients that won’t get soggy over time.

The ultimate airline sneak-a-board snack, the sandwich.

If you happen to have access to an airline luxury lounge, you can probably poach some of these airline snacks for your flight from there. 

Go easy on the condiments and choose a hardy bread like a baguette. If you really want to show your favorite planet some love, use some kind of sustainable food-grade silicone storage bag or wrap your food in beeswax wrappers.

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