Hungry For a Cheap Air Fare?

It turns out if you book a flight on Taco Tuesday you’ll not only get a cheap taco, you’ve also picked the best day to book a flight. Now that should be easy to remember. And to get specific, you want this to be around 3 pm, EST. Think happy hour-ish.

Here’s the skinny how this all goes down-

Many U.S. airlines begin airfare sales that show up on their website late Monday or early Tuesday, then the competition scrambles to match these lower prices. By 3 pm on Tuesday, the festivities usually end and that’s when you make your move for the deal.

Not a perfect science but a general rule of thumb to follow. Still, shop around to be sure as you won’t find any specific airline or flight that always has the best deals. At least you know you started looking at best day and time, letting you cut to the chase.

Sandals on the beach

The airlines scramble for your business while you’re off to get a taco. Well played, traveler. Well played.

KAYAK’s Hacker Tool

So what’s a hacker fare? Sometimes it can be cheaper to book 2, one-way flights to complete your journey.

With this hacker tool, you can see various one-way flight combos. Basically, Kayak is your airline matchmaker, and just like when your best friend playing matchmaker, things can get difficult. 

For one thing, you might not be flying out of or into the same airport, somewhat of a conundrum if your car is parked at LAX and your return leg takes you into Burbank. Oh well, maybe waiting for your lift you can relax with some great street food.

Busy airport rushing for cheap air fare

Cheapest Days To Fly

For U.S. domestic travel, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are usually the cheapest days to fly. The most expensive days are usually Fridays and Sundays. For international flights, mid-week travel is generally cheaper than weekends.

Always compare fares for multiple itineraries to make sure. An easy way to find the cheapest itinerary is by using the Getaway Map. You can find the link to this map here, then scrolling down a bit.

Lastly, if you live in a bigger city with more than one airport, it’s usually the biggest one that has the cheapest fares.

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