Da’ Bear, Season 2: The Inside Scoop & Some Fun Stuff About Jeremy Allen White

With Season 2 of The Bear quickly approaching, the flames consuming the internet about this darkly funny kitchen drama sensation keep rising.

This Hulu show follows Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) as he returns to his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop in Chicago after the death of his older brother. He must now deal with the debts, rundown kitchen, and unruly staff that his brother left behind.

Taking inspiration from the gritty restaurant, Mr. Beef on Orleans, located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, The Bear offers an exclusive look into the kitchen’s chaos as personalities clash in an intense, mind-boggling, and confined space.


The Bear isn’t necessarily a laugh-out-loud comedy; instead, it explores the desperation, anger, resentment, and mourning that come with running a family business.

As Carmy attempts to bring in more business, he clashes with the staff who are used to the traditional “system” of how things were done. Through it all, we see how Carmy’s fine dining training makes him a snob and why he calls everyone “chef”.


If you’re a fan of Kitchen Nightmares or Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, then you’ll definitely enjoy The Bear.

It offers an authentic look at what goes on in the kitchen of a city institution and how vital it is to stick to the system while still making necessary changes.

Now a pop culture sensation, we’re all anticipating season 2 coming in early summer 2023, this time with 10 mouth-watering episodes instead of 8. Let’s dive in.

The Bear’s creators and executive producers Chris Storer and Joanna Calo were present at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour and teased the expansion of the show’s world in Season 2. Storer said that Season 1 was like “catching up” and that Season 2 would be where “the show properly begins.”

The Bear Season 2 is expected to include the same cast as Season 1. Starring Jeremy Allen White, the actor best known for his role on Shameless, as Carmen Berzatto, he is joined by Ayo Edebiri as Sydney, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Richie, Matty Matheson as Fak, and Liza Colon-Zayas as Tina.

Will There Be Romance in Season 2 of ‘The Bear’?

Romance isn’t something that the team behind the acclaimed series is planning to serve up in season 2. Creator and co-showrunner Chris Storer noted that they wanted to make something that was about friendship and partnership.

After pondering an idea for a buddy comedy, their inspiration struck: ‘What if we made a buddy cop show with female leads?’ Taking inspiration from the classic Lethal Weapon and other beloved buddy cop films of the 80s and 90s, they decided to flip the gender, creating an entirely new and exciting dynamic.

Though it’s possible that Season 2 could include romantic storylines, it would be better if it continued with what made it successful and kept the focus on the kitchen.

Many of the characters are grappling with heavy issues and it would be more rewarding for fans to see their development without the addition of love interests.

As Sydney and pastry chef Marcus’s friendship grows, the show’s captivating dynamics and individual struggles are intriguing enough without the need to introduce intimate relationships, making it better off without them. Our thoughts, anyway.

A Deep Dive On Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White had an incredible journey from his role as the rebellious teenager Lip Gallagher on the iconic show “Shameless” to his recent win of the Best Television Actor — Musical/Comedy Series at the 2023 Golden Globes. In an interview with “Extra’s” Melvin Robert, Jeremy reflected on his win and spoke about how he got there.

Emotional Win At The Golden Globes

White initially didn’t believe he had a chance of winning the Golden Globe, but as the days progressed, friends and colleagues began to encourage him to come up with something to say if he won.

When his name was called, Jeremy described himself as being in shock. He credited his now-wife Addison Timlin, whom he met while filming 2008’s “Afterschool,” for his success and wished he could give his younger self a hug and tell him “It’s going to be okay.”


Jeremy Allen White has been married twice. His first marriage was to actress Emma Greenwell, whom he dated from October 2011 to May 2017. His second marriage is to actress Addison Timlin, whom he met on the set of their 2008 film Afterschool.

They got married in a Beverly Hills courthouse on October 18, 2019, with their daughter Ezer Billie White present at the event. Coldplay’s Chris Martin and actress Dakota Johnson were also in attendance.


Jeremy Allen Whites ‘Tat’ Collection

Jeremy Allen White is known for having quite a collection of tattoos on his character Carmy in the show “The Bear”. Fans have been wondering if any of them are real. To answer this question, we have to take a look at White’s own tattoos.

He has six visible tattoos that hold special meanings to him. On his left arm is a tattoo for his oldest daughter, Ezer. He also has tattoos for each of his parents, his kids, and his wife, Addison Timlin. These tattoos were done by an artist friend of his who created custom ink for the show. More on that in a moment.

The triangle tattoo on his left pec was done when he was 17 years old and is dedicated to a few of his friends. This tattoo caused a stir when filming for the pilot of “Shameless” began.

White has spoken openly about some of his tattoos and their meanings, but he hasn’t revealed the full story behind all of them. We know that his tattoos are meaningful and that he isn’t afraid to mark his commitments with permanent ink. So while none of the tattoos on Carmy in “The Bear” are real, we can still appreciate White’s own collection of meaningful tattoos.

Fun Facts About Jeremy Allen White

To prepare for the show, Jeremy Allen White spent some time working at the Michelin-star-rated restaurant Pasjoli in Santa Monica, CA with chef Dave Beran.

Since the show had not aired yet, he could focus on the craft incognito. Everyone wore a mask at that time as well, so celebrity spotting at a restaurant would take a keen eye.

His buddy Benny Shields is the tattoo artist who created all the tats for the show. Each one has a story and helps Jeremy build on his character. Benny drilled Jeremy with lots of questions to come up with a bucket load of meaningful ink for the character.

The guy loves his NY Mets hat, worn and aged, it’s his wife’s fave team so he plans to wear it until it’s nothing but threads. All in the name of love of course.

He can’t live without his White on White Nike Cortez. Nike stopped making these but it’s still Jeremy’s go-to shoe for kicking around, dressed up or not.

Normally around 60 bucks, they are rare since production stopped, so maybe he’ll want to check out these top sneakers that we love to kick back in.

So what condiment does this famous faux chef love? S&B Crunchy Garlic Oil. He discovered this in a specialty cooking store in Los Angeles, they threw it in his bag and now he pretty much puts it on everything.

Crunchy Garlic oil

Workouts. Celebrity workouts are also a pop culture thing, and Jeremy is no different. He likes exercising outdoors, usually in a park and one of his mainstays is jumping rope. We can add him to our list of these other celebs that jump rope.

He’s not on Twitter. Now, this is really odd for an A-lister, so he’s been missing out on a lot of the Bear memes circulating around, but he is painfully aware of his resemblance to Gene Wilder and being called a ketamine Gene Wilder. We’re not sure what that means but hey, we should all have it so rough.


The Bear breaks the mold on so many fronts, from a tight shooting space that doesn’t evoke claustrophobia to taking the risk of creating a drama with 30-minute episodes and it has paid off. Are you listening Snoop Dog and Martha? The phrase too many chefs in the kitchen is something we can all relate to.

Not only does this unique format make the series emotionally affecting and intensely watchable, but it also proves that viewers are ready for formats that are different from the norm. With streaming platforms providing the freedom to experiment with episode lengths, The Bear is showing that stories can be molded to fit the time they are allotted.

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