Celebrity House Flipper Ellen DeGeneres Banks It Every Time


The best way to look at celebrity house flipper Ellen DeGeneres is that for the most part she really loves her home. For her, it’s a wonderful place to visit. But home? Meh. There. Now it all makes sense. No doubt she’s doubled down on her celebrity preferred luggage for all the times she’s packed …

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5 Dreamy Home Furnishings To Help You claim Your Sanctuary

Hammock bath

Sure, you have some nice and useful home furnishings dilly-dallying around the house, but do they create a positive emotion or make you forget about a bad day? What you need is a shift in life, getting back to the good life, Jetsetty style. To take a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson – “beauty without …

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Celebrity Real Estate – Wooed, Loved and Sold – C’est La Vie


Like a celebrity romance, those mega-mansions and beautiful real estate celebrities own seem to follow the same fate – courted, loved, and then they move on. But before you shed a tear for those poor little homes, rest assured they’ll once again be courted, loved, and snatched up in a heartbeat. Now they have that …

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5 Expensive Homes In LA – Is A Bazillion Even A Real Number?

LA at night

As we mentioned before, we do pay for the weather and that’s why we’ll find so many of these super-expensive homes in LA. Okay, none of these homes are really selling for a bazillion, but for most of us, it might as well be an imaginary number. Right? These homes actually do sell eventually, and …

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The Real Brady Bunch Home – Quirky, Crazy Nuttiness

Brady Bunch home

We all loved the Brady Bunch, even that home we all believed they lived in. Let’s jump into the juicy stuff first, then we’ll move onto the fun facts. Here’s the story… Hopefully, I’m not breaking too many hearts by serving up a dose of reality, but the Brady Bunch house was actually just a …

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