Exciting Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Research 2022: What You Need to Know


In recent years, there have been some incredible breakthroughs in the field of longevity and anti-aging research. These discoveries are changing the way we think about aging, and they have the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for elderly people around the world. In fact, the “elderly” might soon become the new middle-aged. …

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2022 World Happiness Report: Once Again, Finland Gets It


Each year around March, the new World Happiness Report comes out with its rankings among the top countries for overall happiness. The Gallup World Poll remains the principal source of data using national happiness rankings on a three-year average, thereby increasing the sample size to provide more precise estimates. Data was collected from146 countries and …

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Top 5 Countries For Finding Happiness – 2021 Report

happy couple with bike living in one of the top countries for finding happiness

How exactly does one rank countries for finding happiness? At face value, that certainly seems subjective but there is a method behind this story. We already know people would rather have joyful experiences over owning things when it comes to happiness, but there’s much more to this. How do we measure happiness? In April 2012, …

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5 Important Factors for Wellness Architecture That Go Beyond Net Zero

Modern design uses natural light and nature for wellnessbuilding

Wellness architecture has been a thing for several years now, but still mostly an overlooked aspect of newly built architecture in both residential homes and commercial buildings. While builders strive for achieving a net zero home – one that generates all the energy needed on its own, the experience of the space is still somewhat …

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Wellness Therapy That’ll Soothe The Soul-Our Top 5

Man,And,Woman,Doing,Tai,Chi,Chuan,At,Sunset,On beach

Wellness therapy comes in many forms, but the common thread is that they all combine both mental and physical health activities. While rejuvenating the mind and inner body, your physique gets in a little me time as well. The beauty of our top 5 types of wellness therapy is that they are easy to do. …

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Healing Hot Springs-Our Top 5 Onsen Ryokans For Wellness

Healing hot springs

It’s no secret about the medicinal powers of healing hot springs. We venture over to Japan to further explore these healing secrets, inside these century-old inns called a Ryokan. Not all Ryokans are created equal, and we’re going to focus on a special type of ryokan, the “onsen ryokan.” We know Japan is known for …

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Our Top 5 Indoor Gardens For Sustainability & Health

indoor garden

Suffice to say, the chia pet has leap-frogged across the stepping stones of evolution, now becoming the fashionable indoor garden. In fact, indoor gardens have gone high-tech and are even an integral aspect of interior design.  Besides looking cool, imagine craving a salad and being able to pick your own veggies from the comfort of …

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