Props To The Props- Our Top 5 Must-See Broadway Shows


Talent knows no boundaries when it comes to the Theatre District in New York City, and this is validated by the 13 million spectators annually who enjoy these famous must-see Broadway shows. Although most of us have heard of Broadway, did you know that even though there is a total of 41 Broadway theaters, only …

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The Serious Fun Of Being A Fantasy Football Champion

fantasy football ring

Is there nothing more adorning than the fantastical bling that comes with being a fantasy football champion? We think not. The seriousness of fantasy football leaves little room for off-season antics. With luck and voodooism becoming more removed and good old-fashioned skills now required to being a champion, winners really do take all. In fact, …

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Treated Like A Chump- The Perils Of A Tennis Chair Ump

broken tennis racket

Peril meaning – exposure to the risk of being injured, destroyed, or lost. Yep, that’s a tennis chair umpire all right. This is supposed to be the game of lords. “Proper and civilized,” as a Brit might say. But add a sanctimonious American to the mix and all hell breaks loose.  With high purses at …

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Fun Hats & Drinks- Our Top 5 Races For Horsing Around

Horse racing

Table of Contents Here’s a list of our top horse races where it’s ok to let your hair down and have some fashionable fun. Unlike the Grand Slam tournaments for tennis and golf, no one here will tell you to shush.  We’re placing our bets across the board that win, lose or draw, you’ll have …

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Top 5 Must See Orchestras Around The World


Funny how the guy with the skinny stick out front turns out to be the rock star and gets the best table at Spago’s. There’s a branding lesson in there somewhere for all of us. Orchestras are something we all enjoy, in fact, many rock stars are classical-trained. In 2011, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra was …

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