Celebrity Workouts – Our Top 5 Who Skip A Mean Rope


Celebrity workouts are taking on the persona of some of those childhood games we’ve grown up with, and skipping rope is right up there with the Hoola hoop. When it comes to sweat, next-day pain, and a dose of mild humiliation (if you’re lacking coordination) we’ve got just the workout you’re looking for. You may …

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Dressed To Kill. This Time The Stylist Did It.

Hollywood stylists

The celebrity wardrobe stylist is right up there with the B actors on the Hollywood food chain (sorry B actors, nothing personal), and these fashion experts even have the same elite agency representation of their own. The Wall Group is one of these agencies representing the who’s who of the stylist world. With offices in …

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Celebrity Art Collections – They’ve Got The Eye For Art


Everyone has a hobby of some sort and these celebrity art collections are thought-provoking, fantastical and expensive. When money’s no object, surrounding yourself with your own art collection can be relaxing as well as letting your imagination soar. Even make you forget about that troublesome co-star on the set. Leonardo DiCaprio We’ll start with the …

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